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World Addresses is a hosted web service that delivers international address lookup data to any web form across the internet from the input of a Postcode, address or ZIP code.

Add intelligent global address & ZIP code lookup to your e-commerce website and internal software to see a world of new opportunity and efficiency. New countries are added every month, so please contact us for a current list.

World Addresses is easy to integrate and offers cross-country searching and address output in a globally recognised format UPU (Universal Postal Union) S42 Standard which defines the correct format for each country's address, approved by its postal operator. By using this address format, you can be confident that mail will be processed as efficiently as possible by other countries and online addresses will be captured correctly.


PostCoder’s innovative and easy to use address lookup software has been successful for 25 years in the industry. Backed up by exceptional support and service, PostCoder gives you state-of-the-art address lookup software for online and offline applications. Whether you are a developer wanting to build your own applications, or you are less technically minded and looking for a ready to use package, PostCoder has every addressing solution you'll ever need.


PostCoder API Professional

A developers' toolkit which includes a full range of PAF® and GeoData search functions maximised for efficiency and speed, with working examples for many standard Windows development languages. This allows you to seamlessly integrate address lookup and validation into your own software. It is our most popular product because it is so versatile. Unlike our Web services, PostCoder API Professional is installed along with the data on your server, giving you more control over address database updates and configuration management.

PostCoder Web 2.0

PostCoder Web 2.0 provides fast, effective address lookup for your website registration pages, order forms and much more. You pay per address lookup starting from around 1p per click and always access the most recent PAF® data. What's more, there's no charge if a customer enters an invalid Postcode. You can also access this service immediately, switching from a free trial to 'live' with no interruption of service, meaning you can be up and running in no time at all.


Developers of web applications for service companies such as property search websites, utility companies, telephone companies and online retailers find this product very useful. It is ideal for online order and registration forms, nearest lookup and map display.

Raw Data Extracts

Simply a file of the data you require. Take Full PAF®, Multiple Residence and GeoData for the whole of the UK, or just an extract to suit your needs. NSPD data is also available. Bespoke supply lets you handle and manipulate the data and build your own application. It is available in a range of formats to suit your needs. We can also customise your extract - for example a radius-based extract or a random sample of addresses for market research purposes.

PostCoder Pro

PostCoder Pro is a desktop product which allows you to lookup an address from any fragment of an address. Simply purchase, install and search. It's as simple as that. PostCoder Pro also includes label printing, keyword searching, storing of "favourites" and the ability to send addresses to any other Windows-based application or database.

PostCoder Pro provides easy searching and is compatible with other Windows applications within your company.

PostCoder Batch

PostCoder Batch is a standalone product that can validate address records within your database and lets you update incorrect ones automatically. The software uses our advanced Address Matching engine, finely tuned over many years based on our experience of using and developing with PAF®. Manual editing of addresses is possible and suggestions are given for the most likely matches. Duplicate addresses can also be detected and removed.

PostCoder Web Nearest store locator

This store locator software specifically provides a 'find my nearest' search for your website. PostCoder Web Nearest comes with the code you need to integrate it into your website. Additionally you provide the service with a list of points to search against (e.g. stores, suppliers etc). You could display the X nearest results, or all results in nearest order, display the distances in miles or kilometres or display sponsored links first- whatever you choose. Visitors to your website enter a Postcode or town name and your website will inform them of the nearest outlets within the specified distance.

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