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We have over 25 years of experience in the nationwide installation, commissioning, refurbishment, maintenance and repair of all types of shrink wrapping machinery. As we are not tied to any one particular shrink wrapping machinery manufacturer, we shop around on behalf of our customers and pass on substantial savings.

Our key areas of expertise in shrink film and shrink wrapping machinery include:

  • Sales of new and used shrink wrapping machinery
  • Suppliers of packaging shrinking films
  • Leasing and part exchange of shrink wrapping machinery
  • Advice on shrink wrapping machinery and shrink films
  • Modification and refurbishment of shrink wrapping machinery
  • Operator training
  • Maintenance and breakdown visits
  • Spares for shrink wrapping machinery
  • Removal and disposal of old and scrap shrink wrapping machinery
  • Matching systems
  • Brokers for contract packing work
  • Feeders

Shrink Wrapping Machine

We sell various types of shrink wrapping machine, both new and used. We sell L Sealers with shrink tunnels and chamber machines for presentational or multi pack packing. We sell Sleeve Sealers with shrink tunnels for transit packing and we sell pallet wrapping equipment. Each of these categories of shrink wrapper and shrink wrapping machine are available in manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic versions.

  • Each new shrink wrapping machine comes with a 12 month warranty (can be extended to 24 months)
  • Refurbished shrink wrapping machines come with 6 months warranty, fully serviced and parts replaced where needed
  • Please visit the website to see our stock list and more details on our shrink wrapping machine specifications and shrink wrapping machinery in general

A Wrapping and Converting shrink wrapping machine is ideal for all of your all your shrink film and shrinking requirements.

Shrink Wrapping Machine

Manual L Sealer

We supply two different types of Manual L Sealer: the traditional Manual L Sealer and the Chamber L Sealer. Both of these perform shrinking duties.

The other Chamber L Sealer is much the same as the traditional L Sealer and you can seal and shrink in one process or disable the oven to bag the product.

If you are looking for shrink wrapping machinery for your shrink film and shrink wrap film needs, contact Wrapping and Converting Systems Ltd for all shrinking solutions.

Manual L Sealer

Semi Automatic Machinery

Our semi automatic machinery range is based around the same principle as our manual shrink wrapper machines. You have two choices of semi automatic machinery for shrinking: the semi automatic L Sealers and semi automatic Sleeve Sealing Machines.

The main features of our semi automatic machinery for shrinking and related services are:

  • We supply Semi Automatic Machines for overwrapping and multipack using single wound polythene
  • We offer service contracts on all machines no matter what the origin

We strive to meet your shrinking and shrink film requirements and our shrink wrapping machinery will provide all of the shrinking solutions you require.

Semi Automatic Machinery

Fully Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine

Fully automatic shrink wrapping machinery has the same effect as manual and semi-automatic shrink wrap machinery but is a faster way to apply shrink wrap film. Our fully automatic shrink wrapping machinery is based around the L Sealer and the Sleeve Sealer models.

The key features our shrink wrapping machinery offers include:

  • Product comes in on conveyor
  • Arm is automatically pulled down for sealing
  • Ejection belt takes item to shrink oven automatically
  • We offer service contracts on all automatic shrink wrap machinery
Fully Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine

Strapping Machinery

A Strapping Machine or Banding Machine is used in industry to tightly apply a length of plastic strapping around a pack to provide containment, strength and security.

Strapping machinery offers the following features and benefits:

  • Available as manual, semi automatic or fully automatic
  • Secure boxes, restrain top lids, multipack containment, straps used as handling aids
  • Offers improved strength and support for the safe transit of your product
  • Various sizes of polypropylene strapping material are stocked

Strapping machinery is a popular way of shrinking and packaging products. They are available in semi-automatic and fully automatic models. Strapping is better than packaging tape as it looks tidy and provides a safer way for moving the product around.

Strapping Machinery

Pallet Wrapping Machinery

Even the best built items require protection against the elements and movement. Many hauliers and transport companies insist on minimum standards of packaging before they will accept goods onto their vehicles.

Pallet Wrapping Machinery provides stability and protection. As the machine rotates the film is stretched tight. It then contracts to pull in even tighter.

  • Film carriage brake
  • Electromagnetic brake
  • Power pre-stretch film carriages

There are many options available for your pallet wrapping machinery including ramps to load with, pit mounting frames and pneumatic top clamps.

Pallet Wrapping Machinery

Shrink Films

We produce shrink films, shrink wrap and shrink wrapping film, used to keep your products contained, clean and secure. Shrink films are essentially plastic films that shrink tightly to your product when subjected to heat.

Shrink films:

  • Keep products clean, contained and secure
  • Provide tamper evidence for food products
  • Are available in multipacks
Shrink Films

Pallet Wrapping Film

Our pallet wrapping film provides a secure and cost-effective medium for pallet load stability and protection.

  • We supply power pre-stretched machine film
  • We supply hand pallet wrap in standard format or coreless rolls
  • Both products are designed to stretch and fit product packs without the need for heat shrinking

We have pallet wrapping film to fit all standard hand-pallet rollers. It comes pre-stretched to decrease both the weight of the roll and the cost to you.

Pallet Wrapping Film

Shrink Wrapping Machine Consumables

We supply parts for all different types and models of shrink wrapper. Please contact us for advice on basic part replacement techniques. Our range of shrink wrapping machine consumables includes:

  • Sealing Wire
  • Silicone Sponge
  • Seal Blades
  • PTFE Tape
  • Silirit Strips for Sleeve Sealers
  • Shrink Tunnel Rollers, Motors, Fans
  • Ejection Belts
  • Heating Elements

Parts can be supplied on a next day delivery basis if required. Would you like to know more about our shrink wrapping machine consumables?

Shrink Wrapping Machine Consumables

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