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Wrekin Circuits provides the electronics industry with world class Printed Circuit Board manufacturing services. This UK based company offers the fastest deliveries available from just 24 hours for up to six layer PCBs through to 3 days service for up to 36 layers. To enable critical timescales to be met Wrekin stock a wide range of materials including FR4, Polyimide, G200, Rogers, Getek and high performance FR4s suitable for multiple lead free solder operations.
  PCB’s from Wrekin Circuits are used in all market sectors and virtually all technologies are available. No matter what type of PCB you require or how fast you need it Wrekin can support your requirement. With a wealth of experience and an extensive R&D programme to develop new process technologies the end customer can rest assured that their requirement will be dealt with professionally and even demanding jobs delivered on-time. Some special features such as Heavy Copper Plating (max 10oz), 50 Micron (2 thou) tracks, Heatsinks, Differential Controlled Impedance and Blind and Buried Vias are testament to the technical capability of this high technology service-orientated company.

Wrekin boast a well-equipped facility with all processes on-site that will benefit the speed of service offered.


Data Formats
We can accept all data formats including: 

Extended Gerber (Preferred)
Standard Gerber
HPGL (for drawing)
Excellon (drill files)
SIEB Meyer (drill files)
IPC-D-356 (netlist files)
Mentor (netlist files)

If your preferred method is not listed please contact our engineering department - engineering@wrekin-circuits.co.uk
What data is required?
All layers
Solder resist - top and bottom
If applicable ident, peelable masks, masks for plugging vias.
Profile drawing with all tolerances designed.
Pad plot to identify the positions and size of the holes.

PCB details
Build for multilayers
Circuit dimensions
Panelisation information if not supplied as a single circuit.
Release required eg C of C, UL, BS
Special requirements eg High voltage test, controlled impedance.
Solderable finish eg HASL, gold over nickel, tin
Gold plating - eg Hard gold, soft gold, including chamfer details for edge connectors.
Solder resist - type eg Gloss, semi gloss, matt
Colour eg Green, white, red, blue, clear, yellow, and black.
Silk screen ident -type and colour as above.


The quality of product supplied by Wrekin Circuits is unsurpassed in the industry. We have achieved an enviable reputation for producing extremely high quality circuit boards of all types. We hold internationally recognised approvals and can release product to your exact requirements. Our internal systems meet the requirements of IPC Class 2 & 3

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