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We design and manufacture a wide range of commercial steel glazing systems, for curtain wall, doors, screens, roof glazing and windows, which can be supplied as: component parts and accessories; fully fabricated and powder coated ready for installation; fully fabricated and installed on site. The systems are designed for high specification requirements and our high-quality steel glazing systems provide solutions for applications including:

  • Fire resistance
  • Ballistic protection
  • Blast resistance
  • Large span curtain walling.

Fire Resistant Glazing

We supply a vast array of options in commerical fire resistant glazing. Our fire resistant glazing/curtain wall façades go from 30 mins to 120 mins for integrity only and our vertical curtain wall system also goes from 30mins to 120mins for integrity and insulation - ideal for use in fire escape routes to keep out the heat as well as the fire..

Due to the unique system construction, any thickness and type of fire rated glass can be accommodated. This provides the ability to achieve different fire ratings without changing the system arrangement.

Fire Resistant Glazing

Curtain Wall Systems

We provide high performance curtain wall systems for complex building designs.  These can be supplied as materials only (to fabricate yourself), fully fabricated and powder coated or we can offer a full manufacture and installation service.

Our wide range of curtain wall systems includes:

  • Fire Resistant Curtain Wall Facades
  • Bullet Proof Curtain Wall Facades
  • Blast Resistant Curtain Wall Facades
  • Large Span Curtain Wall Facades
  • T-System Curtain Wall Facades
  • Sound Reduction Curtain Wall Facades
  • Thermal and Weather Performance
  • Structural Glazing
Curtain Wall Systems

Glazed Doors

We manufacture and supply a wide range of fully glazed doors   Our commercial doors are designed to meet your individual requirements and are manufactured to the project drawings and specifications. Our range of steel and glass glazed doors includes fire and smoke resistant doors, sound, thermal and large span doors.  In our fire resistant commercial glazed door systems we have a unique unlatched door system - ideal for areas of high footfall.

Glazed Doors

Screen and Window Systems

Our bespoke screen and window systems come in a wide range of applications.  We have high fire resistance for integrity only and also for integrity and insulation specifications.  We also provide a fantastic range of ballistic, blast and bomb proof screen and window systems, all designed to meet your requirements.

We pride ourselves in being able to provide you with complete technical support, advice and full supporting test data.

Screen and Window Systems
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