WRL Consultancy Ltd

  • Radio Frequency (RF) Design Consultancy
  • Design and development of Radio, Magnetic and Contactless Products and Systems
  • Consultancy Services
  • Innovation and Concept Development
  • Troubleshooting existing products and equipment

Radio-Frequency Technology Solutions

WRL Consultancy Ltd provides a comprehensive range of RF and general electronics consultancy and engineering services. Its main activities are provision of custom & semi-custom solutions, product development & design, and problem solving. Its clients are from various sectors – including consumer products, security systems, safety systems, countersurveillance, telemetry, remote control and research. These can include manufacturers, consultants, specifiers, designers, system integrators, installers, distributors, importers and end-users.

A large part of WRL Consultancy’s activity is in the field of ‘low power radio’ (also known as ‘short range devices’ or SRDs) and the company is a member of the Low Power Radio Association. Further important areas of activity for WRL Consultancy include RFID, metal detection, RF field generators and instrumentation.

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Design & Development

We can undertake RF, general (analogue and digital) electronic and firmware development projects. Developments can be taken through any or all the various steps, as appropriate, from an outline concept to prototype, through pilot production and on to providing ongoing support in full production. They can be anything from the new and highly innovative to modifications of existing designs or the interfacing/incorporation of existing off-the-shelf items.

We are pleased to undertake projects or parts of projects by ourselves or as part of a wider team.

The development services we offer also include: provision of test development, RF test fixtures, feasibility studies, concept development, cost reduction.

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Advisory and Problem Solving / Troubleshooting

We can advise regarding:

  • new designs or changes to existing designs
  • RF testing in production or development
  • use of RF products or equipment

We also offer to investigate and/or solve problems that clients may have with new or existing designs, with product operation, EMC, yield, testing or equipment.

If appropriate, we can research or source off-the-shelf or semi-custom solutions. Alternatively we can offer our research, development, design and build services to provide a custom or customised solution.

Technical Evaluation and Testing

We can provide technical evaluation and testing of RF and associated systems, products, circuits, components.

Depending on what the client requires, technical evaluation can be based on design information, examination or testing of the item concerned.

According to the nature of the testing required we can perform this directly or liaise with a third party.

Concept Development

We can undertake background research for clients, investigating for instance: potential design options, available technologies and techniques, potentially suitable components and modules.

We can also consider an initial idea or concept and undertake varying amounts research, brainstorming, outline design, analysis, modelling, estimation and costing to evaluate against feasibility criteria and produce more detailed concept options and advice.

We are also pleased to consider existing designs and investigate how to reduce cost, improve performance, modify the design for a different specification, or deal with component obsolescence/migration issues.

Our technical knowledge, sourcing experience and linguistic resources enable us to help find suppliers of RF and associated components, circuits, equipment or services – in the Far East or elsewhere – and evaluate their products.

Technical Representive

We are pleased to offer this service where a client wishes to interface with suppliers of specialist RF parts, products, equipment or services, or with official bodies, but may not have the relevant knowledge or resources available in-house.

Technical Compliance

The effort involved in ensuring RF, EMC and electrical safety compliance with applicable technical regulations can be significant and it is often not cost-effective to maintain this expertise in-house.

We offer:

  • assistance in determining applicable standards
  • liaison with test bodies and relevant authorities for the countries concerned
  • preparation of documentation and samples
  • preparation of technical justifications in lieu of tests where this would mitigate test costs
  • preliminary basic evaluation testing

We also offer:

technical solutions to compliance problems

Project Management

A combination of project management experience and appropriate technical experience is often an advantage to the technical project manager.

In addition to our technical services, we are pleased to offer management services for technical projects, for example where the collaboration of a number of external parties is required.

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