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Located in the Optics Valley of China, Wuhan East Lake National High-Tech Development Zone, the second largest concentration area of intelligence in China (merely after Zhongguancun Science Park, China’s Silicon Valley), Wuhan AMATE Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise that specializes in Micro Power Wireless Sensing Devices production, R & D, Marketing & Sales. As the earliest domestic forerunner dedicated to wireless temperature measurement products and system, by virtue of restless effort on technology innovation and market-oriented research for a decade, AMATE has now been growing into a leading provider of wireless temperature sensing devices, wireless temperature monitoring system and a package of wireless temperature measuring solutions.

Looking back the course, AMATE has gone through both glories and hardship. On the initial stage, cooperated with three national key universities research labs, we had been focused in wireless temperature sensing technology R&D and application testing only. Then when the technology became mature & reliable, especially after the practical application testing, we established our factory and started production, marketing & sales. Due to the technology innovation, qualified products, realistic application convenience and sound after sales service, our products receive great concerns and enjoy a high reputation among our customers. During this period, we had applied for European and US patents, a number of Chinese utility model patents and 6 software copyrights.

The huge domestic success has encouraged us to have an attempt to explore the overseas markets. From 2011 to 2013, we have been successively anticipated in the world’s largest industry exhibition fair---HANNOVER MESSE, German. And out of our expectation, we also attracted great attention from overseas guests or friends. This triggered our decision to launch several overseas companies or offices. In 2011, we founded our German Aachen Marketing Center & Australia Toowoomba Marketing Center respectively. And in Nov. 2012, we formally joined world’s largest association of internet of things---European Association for the Internet of Things (The first Chinese company that entered). Till now our sales network has reached and our wireless temperature monitoring products has been exported to German, USA, Australia, France, Italy etc.

Our products mainly consist of various wireless temperature sensors, wireless temperature displays, and the relevant temperature monitoring soft wares, that constitutes the whole wireless temperature monitoring system.

With an increasing apparent tendency of technicalization, globalization and informatization, Wuhan AMATE warmly welcome customers from home and abroad to further develop technical cooperation and scientific research with us for creating mutual benefits and marching towards future!

Wuhan Amate Technology Co., Ltd

In electric power system, temperature is a key parameter that represents the normal or abnormal operating condition of the devices. With the progress of science and technology, the social electrical load shows an increasing momentum, and to prevent the fire breakout or explosion caused by equipments heat rising, the automatic monitoring of temperature becomes one of the important measures to maintain safety production and cut loss for all various industries. The traditional temperature monitoring method posses a series of disadvantages: long cycle, complicated construction, low efficiency, inconvenient management, and when malfunction occurs, it will cost a large amount of manpower and material resources to locate the trouble and lay the cables. However, under particular circumstances of monitoring points decentralization, environmental isolation or the existing high voltage, plenty of monitoring methods cannot realize the measurement purpose at all.

AT-II wireless temperature monitoring system is an independent research and development product designed by our company with a sequence of advantages: high measuring accuracy, high reliability, easy installation. It adopts advanced and mature sensor technology and unique advanced wireless communication technology to conduct high voltage isolation & signal transmission, by utilizing its inherent insurability and anti-electromagnetic interference ability, fundamentally solves the temperature monitoring difficulty of electrical contacts in high voltage switch cabinet.

The system mainly comprises of three parts: the front end temperature acquisition device (wireless temperature sensor), the temperature measurement communication terminal (wireless temperature displays), and the temperature monitoring & warning workstation, as shown in figure 1-1-1. AT-II wireless temperature sensor(s) first measure the temperature of the monitoring points, and then send the temperature data to the temperature measurement communication terminals (wireless temperature displays) via wireless mode. Through bus connection, the temperature monitoring computer collects all the operating temperature data of different monitoring points from the temperature measurement communication terminal, and saves it in the database for long term storage, real-time displays the temperature variation curves of the monitoring points and for analysis, once a discovery of temperature overheat or temperature surge to the preset alarm temperature value, alert will be launched promptly. Meanwhile, the access to network for the host computer that saves the temperature data is convenient and feasible, reserved for web page publishing.

The application of this system could be classified into two aspects: civil use and industrial use. Civil use mainly suits for indoor temperature monitoring fields, while industrial use is mainly applicable for electrical power, iron and steel smelting, petrochemical etc. fields; it is capable to conduct real-time temperature monitoring on the high voltage cable joints and high voltage switchgear electric contacts etc., facilitates the operation and maintenance personnel to have a command of the on-site operating situations remotely. 

Wuhan Amate Technology Co., Ltd

Wireless Temperature Sensors/Transmitters

¿. Brief Introduction of the AT-II Wireless Temperature Sensors

AT-II wireless temperature sensors are independent research and development front end temperature acquisition devices designed by our company. Thereinto, the AT-II wireless temperature sensors are composed of three parts: the control unit (CU), the wireless data transmission module & the temperature detection part. When the AT-II wireless temperature has measured the temperature, it will then send the relevant temperature data to the temperature measurement communication terminal (wireless temperature display) via wireless mode. The AT-II wireless temperature sensors are mainly installed on the surface of the following objects that are easy to generate heat: cable joints, transformers and switches. Each wireless temperature sensor enjoys a unique ID number. During the practical installation or use, the installation site of each sensor needs to be recorded, and together with its ID number, inputted into the database of temperature monitoring workstation. The sensors automatically transmit the monitoring points’ temperature data one time at regular intervals (measurement cycle could be set in advance); an alarm will be given immediately once a discovery of abnormal temperature, no restriction to the transmission cycle. 

Functions & Features

Low power dissipation, long service life

High sensitivity, long transmission distance

Compact size, easy installation

High accuracy temperature measuring chip, combined with contact type temperature sensing, guarantee a higher precision of temp measurement  

Wireless communication mode, save the trouble of cable wiring

Real-time & accuracy temperature alarm mechanism, provide user with a higher security assurance 

Wireless Temperature Sensors/Transmitters

Wireless Temperature Display/Monitor/Data Receiver

¿.  Brief Introduction of the AT-II Wireless Temperature Displays

AT-II type wireless temperature display is an independent research and development temperature acquisition terminal product designed by our company, matched with wireless temperature sensors and temperature monitoring & warning workstation to constitute the whole AT-II wireless temperature monitoring system that is able to realize on-site and remote intelligent online temperature monitoring & warning functions under a Varity of harsh environmental conditions. Thereinto, AT-II type wireless temperature display is to be installed in the central control room, in charge of receiving the temperature data transmitted by various wireless temperature sensors; and through bus connection, uploads the data to the temperature monitoring workstation computer and responds to various commands from the management software.       

¿. Functions & Features

High receiving sensitivity, matched with the front end temperature sensors, capable to increase the wireless transmission distance effectively  

Data display in graphics, makes data shown in front of users in a more intuitive & vivid way

Diversified communication modes, high reliability, Ethernet, RS485, Fiber and GPRS for option

Mighty alarming functions, help user to troubleshoot malfunctions timely and effectively

Switching value interface alarm output, convenient access to other monitoring equipments 

Wireless Temperature Display/Monitor/Data Receiver

Real Time Remote Indoor Temperature Wireless Monitoring System

Wireless temperature acquisition system rose in recent years. It is mainly used for central heating, central cooling, and storage. It can be used in industrial areas as well. Its advantage is monitoring different temperature in the wire unreachable points with low cost; therefore it controls air conditions and heating apparatus to achieve Low Energy Consumption, High Efficiency. Presently, many property companies use manual surveying ways to acquire data during heating (cooling) period, the laborious data collection is not timely and cannot be connected with automatic equipments as well. This system will help operators get the temperature conditions online from remote areas, formulate the reasonable automatic operation scheme, thus adjusting the operation of heat points, and controlling the temperature, which decreases the energy consumption from 8% to 15%.
Owning to the rapid development of economy, energy shortage is becoming increasingly conspicuous. It becomes one of the most important factors that constrain economic development. On one hand, energy supply is in tense situation; on the other hand, due to boosting economy, the low efficiency of energy utilization, high waste, and heavy environmental burden, the energy efficiency rate of our country is 33%, which is 10% lower than international advanced standard Main units energy consumption is 40% higher than international advanced standard. With the expansion of residential area, the scale of its heating (cooling) supply system is increasing, so is its complexity. Operation adjustment and management present many more complexities. If there is a lack of necessary monitoring devices and technical measures, energy waste is unavoidable. Practices in Shanghai and Guangzhou prove that energy consumption increases 8% when the indoor temperature changes -1 ¿¿ in the summer or +1 ¿¿ in winter. What's more, it is not in accord with the requirements of Hygiene if temperature increases are different between indoor and outdoor air. It is better that the ideal temperature indoor is of 5 — 8¿¿ lower than the outdoor, which requires the heating (cooling)supply system to adjust the  heating (cooling)  scientifically  to the change of temperature both indoors and outdoors.              
Remote wireless temperature acquisition system adopts radio frequency and GPRS wireless communication Technology. It can monitor the real-time temperature in long-distance, then transmit the temperature data to Web server at regularintervals, and publish data through this web server. The user can check the real-time temperature curve of the spot from IE browser just indoors. Remote wireless temperature acquisition system includes site temperature terminal and monitoring software. Site temperature terminal includes temperature sensor and wireless transmission module. Site temperature terminal can setup the temperature acquisition period in accordance with customers' requirements, so as to transfer data to remote data center in specified time interval. After that, it can be showed in data and graph through Web. In this way, you can check the temperature when you login internet. It is a convenient and practical way to get temperature information.
Technical parameters¿¿

Wireless temperature sensor
431- 470 MHz
Sleeping mode current
Monitoring temperature
Transmission distance
Baud Rate
9600 bps
Emission current
20mA (peak rate)
Max. emission power
Measuring accuracy
+/-0. 5 degrees centigrade
Measuring time interval
Adjustable. From 10 minutes to 4 hours.
Wireless temperature display
431- 470 MHz
220V±10% 50Hz (DC can be ordered)
485 communication Baud Rate
9600 bps
LCD display
3 Inch LCD Screen, blue screen, backlight.
Quantity of sensor can be equipped
1¿¿300 temperature points.
(Special requirement can be made by request)

Real Time Remote Indoor Temperature Wireless Monitoring System

GPRS (& GPS) Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

1. System composition:
(1) Wireless temperature sensor;
(2) Temperature surveying communication terminal (temperature display);
(3) Data processing center (computer & software).

2. Technical features:
(1) Adopt micropower wireless communication technology for wireless surveying and remote warning.
(2) Customized design, flexible for installing, easy to expand, very convenient to connect with other systems.
(3) Under ensured range, it adopts low power loss design, the battery of sensor can be used for 4 to 6 years, and the battery is replaceable.
(4) Electromagnetic Interferences Immunity design, and the operation is safe, reliable and of high accuracy rate.

3. Compare with the traditional field bus surveying method:
(1) Fulfill site survey for many places that cannot lay the cables (the environments such as high-voltage, rotated, closed, etc);
(2) The data can be connected to automatic system;
(3) Greatly reduce the cost of labor and cable and shorten the project cycle.

4. Application areas: Electricity, medical, smelting, chemical, other manufacturing, building, agriculture and fishery, etc.

5. Warranty: 2 years

6. Certificate: ISO9001: 2000, CE

GPRS (& GPS) Wireless Temperature Monitoring System
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