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Here at Wychwood Water Systems, we specialise in deionisation systems to enable you to recycle, re-polish and re-use valuable deionised water. Deionisation is a process whereby the feed water passes through a resin bed. Cation and anion resins replace dissolved mineral salts in the water with hydrogen and hydroxyl ions, resulting in pure water exiting the plant.

Reverse Osmosis

Our reverse osmosis systems are designed to save energy, reduce maintenance costs and improve safety. The reverse osmosis process removes dissolved salts from make-up water, reducing blowdown and energy losses. Natural alkalinity in raw water creates CO2 in steam boilers, causing corrosion in condensate systems. Reverse osmosis will remove this source of corrosion. De-alkalisation plants can be replaced with reverse osmosis, eliminating the requirement for acid. Energy savings normally recover the plant cost in less than two years.

Water Filtration

We specialise in water filtration used on water contaminated by suspended solids, chlorine, iron and manganese, or organic substances. The water filtration plant is filled with products specific to the substance being removed. Where more than one contaminant is present, filters are charged with multi-layers of media.

Water Re-cycling

We provide the IONMASTER ACTB as a complete water re-cycling system. The whole product is designed on a polypropylene skid to provide a compact footprint and easy installation. Our water re-cycling system includes a stainless steel feed pump, rate of flow indicator, pressure gauge and pump control system.  

Specialist Equipment

We have a great deal of experience in the water industry gained over many years of working with customers representing a wide variety of industries. We have an assortment of standard products and also provide specialist equipment to suit a variety of requirements. We have the expertise and flexibility to design and build specialist equipment to meet your exact needs and provide our best advice to ensure that a robust and effective solution is the result.

Cylinder Exchange

We offer a first-class cylinder exchange service for wide variety of cylinder sizes. An assortment of exchange cylinders are available with standard or nuclear grade deionising resins, activated carbon, and acid rinsed carbon. 

Service and Repair

We provide one of the best back up service and repair services in the water treatment industry. Our outstanding service and repair team is in tune with our clients needs, from our office staff processing your order to our engineer who commissions your new system and trains your staff.

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