X-Tek Systems Ltd


X-Tek manufactures real time microfocus x-ray inspection systems and equipment for quality control, research, and failure analysis.

We have recently been bought by Nikon Metrology.

X-Tek manufactures:-

  • Electronics inspection systems with computed tomography
  • BGA inspection systems with computed tomography
  • Electronics inspection systems with computed tomography
  • Micro-tomography & Nano-tomography systems
  • X-ray metrology systems
  • Turbine blade inspection systems

X-Tek also offers an X-ray inspection service with a free one hour starter demonstrations to new clients. If you are a researcher or a manufacturer of components or assemblies incorporating: plastics, metals, ceramics, electronic components or any combination of these, X-Tek offers an inspection service that is hard to beat.

XT V 130 X-ray QA workhorse for electronics inspection

XT V 130 X-ray QA workhorse for electronics inspection

The Nikon Metrology XT V130 X-ray inspection system is a high-precision, flexible solution that facilitates defect analysis in loaded PCB boards. Designed for 100% BGA and μBGA inspection, multi-layer board inspection and PCB solder joint inspection, it is a compact, easy-to-use, and most of all, cost-effective inspection system that is an indispensable workhorse in any electronics production area.

XT V 160: NanoTech X-ray electronics inspection

The XT V 160, also known as the Revolution, has been developed utilizing X-Tek’s 20 years experience in nanofocus X-ray technology.

The system provides the highest resolution and magnification possible within a compact system and is ideally suited for inspection of electronic components in production lines and failure analysis laboratories.

The XT V 160 is a versatile tool that allows an operator to easily make use of the system’s manual and programmable inspection capabilities. On top of it is ready for Computed Tomography CT inspection to reconstruct the test sample in full 3D image.

Designed for 100% BGA and µBGA inspection, multilayer board inspection and PCB solder joint inspection, it is a simple to use, high resolution and cost-effective inspection solution that is an indispensable workhorse for any inspection lab.

XT V 160 T - Versatile X-ray inspection system for electronic applications

A versatile microfocus x-ray analysis tool for both manual and programmed inspection of electronic components and PCB assemblies. The XT H 160 T has been developed in direct response to customers requirements using the latest materials technology and X-Tek’s 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of x-ray apparatus

Maximum magnification - 6000x
An ultra thin output window design enables the sample to be placed safely within 250 microns of the focal spot giving up to 6000x system magnification. Thanks to the Hawk’s unique pyramid transmission x-ray target, the magnification of detail on large substrates and PCBs remains at an impressive level even at steep viewing angles.

High resolution - micron level features
A tightly controlled microfocus x-ray spot and the latest CCD imager technology ensure that the Hawk produces sharp images of micron level features even in the most challenging samples. The single pole electron lens is computer controlled to ensure that the image remains in focus at all kV settings and the target does not burn when using high power.

High penetration - 160kV
The Patented X-Tek Xi "Open Tube" x-ray source is smaller than any other design and allows x-ray images of fine detail in thick and dense samples to be seen with ease. This high energy vacuum de-mountable unit allows views at steep angles through solder joints and heatsinks without ever running out of energy.

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