Xaver Scheule GmbH


We – Xaver Scheule GmbH – are based in Kirchheim, in the heart of the beautiful Lower Allgäu region. For over 90 years we have focused on developing and producing feed at the highest level, for both farm animals and horses. With more than €10 million in annual sales and more than 50 employees, we are now one of the most well-known medium-sized companies in the region.

1923: Company founded by the druggist Xaver Scheule; production and distribution of animal health and care products
1938: Expansion of product range into young animal specialities
1950: Start of distribution of herbal specialities
1964: Expansion of production into mineral and supplementary feed
1980: Acquisition of the company by Wolfgang H. Scheule
1992: New alignment of production and management
1998: Market introduction of horse-feed specialities unit
2002: Construction of a production plant for trace element pre-mixes
2008: Expansion of storage capacity and installation of a new production line with packaging machines
2008: Acquisition of Atcom Horse GmbH (special supplementary feed for horses)
2009: Branch established in Austria
2013: Expansion with a new building for the filling of horse-feed specialities, for storing and for delivery-order picking

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