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Consider a shredders Bin size, sheet capacity, shred speed and the shredder feed opening as well as the shredders auto start/stop & reverse functions. Some shredders offer credit card & CD shredding
Choose from Fellowes Shredders, Aurora Shredders, Rexel Shredders and HSM

The very latest in dictation technology, digital dictation uses built in memory or memory card storage for easy navigation and prompt access to messages stored in a filing system. By directly connecting a unit to a PC, voice files can be downloaded for transcription purposes or for communication by e-mail.

Labelling Machines
Whether for the Office, Industry or in Retail, the Brother, Casio & Dymo ranges offer label machines and labelling solutions in a myriad of colours and sizes to suit most applications, from handheld machines to professional PC/Mac linked models with bar coding, database merging and logo image creation.

Typical applications are in warehousing & storage labelling, office archives, name badges, trade professionals' usage such as plumbers & electricians, Health & Safety signage, video labelling and labelling for harsh marine environments.

The benefits of digital over analogue are that a linked machine offers wider functionality and facilities user sharing, in addition to more reliable operation. With analogue copiers, the document being copied is passed around the drum and scanned for every copy required.

Digital uses 'scan once, print many' which means that for multi-copies the scanner only makes one pass and stores the image to its memory ready for printing.

Documents can also be scanned, 'sorting' can takes place in the machines' memory and printed in a variety of arrangements which negates the need for clumsy sorter bins found on larger copiers. Digital copiers also utilise less mechanical operation and therefore increased reliability.

The Multi-function unit is just that, it can be any combination of Fax, Printer, Copier and Scanner utilising either Inkjet or Laser technology. Laser is designed for more heavy duty usage but only Inkjet offers colour printing/copying.

Many machines are fax based with the addition of any, or all, of the above but some are copier based for improved paper handling, normally within a flatbed platen design to allow copying of bulky items as with a traditional copier. Not only do these machines offer a single box solution, they save space too!


Plastic Comb Binders : One of the most popular types of binding used mainly because it is economical, durable, reusabe and the pages lie flat when opened and fold all the way around

Wire & Plastic Coil Binders : Similar to the plastic comb binder but the wire/coil binder gives a more professional look to the document, they tend to have a higher bind capacity than comb binders. The wire bindings are not re-useable

Thermal Binders : Thermal binders use hot glue to bind pages together. The process is quick and simple and multiple documents can be bound together

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