Xi'an YiSun International & Trade Co., Ltd

YiSun is a leading manufacturer of acetates products. We have been focusing in this industry for over 30 years. Our products fill vital need in food industry, pharmaceutical industry, energy industry, etc.

With more than 30 years' experience in chemical industry, we are very confident of our products' quality, while we are even more proud of our environmental protection measures. Years before the state promulgated the strict new environmental protection policy, we had already implemented the concept and carried it out through all our production and transportation processes, we bought and keep using all the facilities needed, paid for all the new eco-friendly techniques. Therefore; we have never been affected by any environment problem, as we always constrain ourselves to a higher standard of environment protection.

We keep building ourselves' skills and knowledge, keep improving our procedure of doing international trade, in wish to give you a perfect purchasing experience and establish a happy long term business relationship. With all our hearts, we welcome you to pay a visit to our factory at any time, you will learn more about our earnest in this industry.

Xi'an YiSun International & Trade Co., Ltd Overview