Xiamen Mutual Prosperity Trading Co Ltd

Xiamen Mutual Prosperity (MP) Trading Co., Ltd is a professional company offering LED lightings and related technology R & D solutions. 

We supply best product and service to clients and establish bridge between overseas buyers and Chinese manufacturers. 

For customers, we provide the following services: 

1.Find the most valuable product. 
2.Recommend the reliable Chinese manufacturers to meet customers' requirements. 
3.Provide R & D technical solutions for customers' products, and provide design supporting programs of lighting environment for our customers. 
4.Control the quality of the customer's products or selected manufacturers, including production entire process control and finished product inspection control. 
5.Provide the investigation report on current situation of Chinese suppliers, depending on the circumstances and requirements to conduct field investigations and factory inspection of specific Chinese suppliers. 
6.Provide a third-party test report. 
7.Provide other information on Chinese products, and culture,etc. 

For Chinese suppliers, we provide the following services: 

1.Provide product orders able to produce for Chinese particular suppliers. 
2.Help suppliers to improve management capacity, especially the ability to control the quality of products and reduce production costs. 
3.Help suppliers to improve technology research and development, to complete the demands of customers' orders. 
4.Provide the analysis data of the market for reference of different regions and countries . 
5.Coordinate with relationships between suppliers and customers, to achieve the win-win market. 
6.Promote the most valuable product resources at the suppliers' advantage. 

MP cultures: Adhere to western freedom and fraternity together with Chinese traditional culture to set up a bright, civilized, happy, passionate atmosphere for business. 

MP ideas: society and its members call for values of Tolerance integrity, Thanksgiving, Responsibility; we advocate achieving personal value, and to find true self in life; We respect noble character and modest attitude;We use and also comply with the rules of the market, we realize the ideal of the parties in accordance with the rules of the win - win game;We are willing to have a more brilliant life, a more peaceful and brighter planet, and a more perfect dream; we wish our descendants to have more resources to use, and can be proud of our careers and existence!

Rm602, No.201, Lehainanli Jimei District Xiamen 361021 United Kingdom