XL Telecom Ltd

XL Telecom provides a range of hosted, advanced business telecoms solutions which include – basic call control, IVR services, fax2email, conference calling, inbound & outbound SMS texting solutions, call recording, call monitoring, professional voice prompts, queued call back and much more, all of which can be operated via a wide range of telephone numbers, including 0800, 0843, 0844, 0845, 03 as well as geographic 01 and 02 UK telephone numbers - you can even bring your existing geographic or non-geographic numbers to us. We aim to help you increase sales and ensure that you have satisfied customers whenever & however they contact you. 

All of XL Telecom’s services are “in cloud” removing all of the hardware costs associated with traditional hardware-based “in office” solutions. Customers are able to build, view and change services and run reports on their services, online in real-time, 24 hours a day. XL Telecom can look at your current telecom solutions and simplify them for you - we can build the services for you to try yourself before you even go live! Give us a call, free of charge on 08000 445 445 and let us help you make a difference for your customers. We don't have a call centre, so you will be speaking to one of the business partners directly.

Wye View House Bigstone Meadow, Tutshill NP16 7JU United Kingdom