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We offer a unique range of security sensors and alarms for items on display. The range consists of reliable sensors and detection providing flexible options and solutions.

Our security sensors and alarms for items on display give managers responsibility for the security of items on premises such as museums, art galleries and retail outlets and shops. They are also archetypal systems for use in historic houses, heritage properties, libraries, churches and exhibitions.

Specialist Sensors and Detectors

Our specialist sensors and detectors provide optimum security and detect physical attack. They are ideal for combined use in ATMs and safe and other high security storage facilities.

Specialist sensors and detectors will be of great interest to security managers of banks and operation managers of security based applications.

Specialist Sensors and Detectors

Merlin Mains Signalling Technology

The Merlin Mains signalling technology uses existing power mains within a building to create signalling paths for communication.

The Merlin Mains signalling technology creates paths of communication for alarms, slow data and switching signals. It does this without the need to install new wiring.

Merlin Mains signalling offers the benefits of both a wireless system and a hard wired communication path.

Merlin Mains Signalling Technology

Mains Signalling Systems

Our mains signalling systems offer a reliable system with a range of benefits. They require no new wiring to be installed, the mains are hard-wired to provide a fail-safe circuit and the data path is entirely predictable and not susceptible to interference or reflections.

Mains signalling systems are installed simply with easy to plug in components, have no aerial installation, and no frequency variation.

Mains Signalling Systems
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