Yellow Balloon


We are a London-based studio, run by Leela Williams who has 20 years’ experience in the graphic design industry making it the optimum choice for a huge range of projects, for businesses and individuals alike.
We offer design, typesetting, artworking, retouching and proofreading in different languages, for print or online.


At Yellow Balloon, we can create and typeset a number of different print products, from annual reports, to magazines and newspapers and booklets. We also design programmes, celebration books for commemorative purposes and brochures.


We can design and create annual reports for your business, as we are well aware that corporate professionals require a professional standard of business profile and reports, for customers, shareholders and staff. We can also design catalogues and newsletters, to suit your corporate needs.

PowerPoint Templates

Let us help you present and process your thoughts, concepts and strategies with our unique PowerPoint presentations and templates.

If you want to add some excitement to your presentation, we also specialise in PowerPoint animation producing beautiful slide shows.

Feel free to check out previous examples of PowerPoints we’ve created.

Word Templates

Not only will Yellow Balloon produce PowerPoints for you, but we can also help you create bespoke, proficient layouts for all of your Word documents and also provide you with templates so you can easily create your own documents.

Just click here to see our Word documents and Word templates.

Fact Sheets, Posters and Leaflets

At Yellow Balloon, we are proud to say that we can produce any manner of leaflet, poster or fact sheet. From large-scale posters, to e-flyers, to small inserts; it's clear that there are any number of possibilities. No job too large or small.

See for yourself the types of leaflets, posters and handouts we have produced.


At Yellow Balloon we’ll help your brand stand out, delight, and succeed.

We take on everything, including logo design, designing fresh new signage, designing stationery, and a complete refresh of your brand identity.

Foreign Language Typesetting

We work with clients from all over the world, across all time zones and in any language – from French, German, Portuguese and Italian to Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Arabic and Hebrew. Whatever foreign language typesetting you require, get in touch and we’ll be sure to help.

Forms and Interactive PDFs

PDFs, Word, online and offline – we’ll create the perfect forms for your business, whether they need to be printed out or completed online.

We can also create interactive PDFs with hyperlinks, buttons, bookmarks, page transitions, videos and audio to amaze and delight.

Online and Digital

We’ll conceptualize, design and develop brilliant websites, banners and digital adverts for your company.

Let us help you stand out in the online world.


If you are looking for professionally designed infographics, or creative diagrams and charts, you’re in the right place.

Let us help you communicate and structure complex information in a simple way with clear designs and visual distinction.

Newspapers and Magazines

Whether it’s monthly, quarterly or annually, regular communication with your audience is important. Yellow Balloon can design and typeset your newspaper or magazine as often as necessary and deliver your articles in a clear and concise way.

Menus and Cookbooks

Menus are an important part of any restaurant as they can be used as an advertising tool to entice people into the restaurant. Let us help you create a menu that conveys all the relevant information laid out clearly whilst looking eye-catching.

If your menu changes regularly we can create a template that your staff can update themselves.

If you have lots of recipes ideas why not produce a cookbook? We can design and create striking layouts to showcase your beautiful food.


If you need to communicate concise information on a regular basis, the best way would be through a newsletter. Yellow Balloon can help to design and typeset this for you. If you would like a Word template or PowerPoint template to enable you to produce your own newsletter, we can also set this up. Or if you want us to produce each issue for you that’s fine too.


Whether it’s for clothing, appliances or anything else, big or small… We can design, artwork and typeset a high-quality catalogue to showcase your products in the most enticing way possible.


Every day, new products flood the market, so great packaging is more important than ever. We’ll help you create distinct, memorable packaging for all your products, large or small.

Take a look at a range of our packaging projects.

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