Yoneki Valve (UK) Ltd

Specialist manufacture of Cryogenic Valves.

Yoneki Valve Co Ltd ; Japan established in February 1920 as a valve manufacturer. Now Yoneki Valve (UK) Ltd has been established, for UK, USA and Canadian.

Yoneki have been have been producing Cryogenic products and high pressure high temperature product. Yoneki with nearly a century as a quality valve manufacturer, in the field of high temperature and high pressure valves having great pride in getting high evaluations with our superior products for the cryogenic process's. Yoneki's track record in cryogenics dates back to the early 1970's. Through the major Japanese EPC companys.

Yoneki Valve Co., Ltd are producing such products with distinctive features applicable for installations referring to, Petroleum Refinery, Petro-Chemicals, Nuclear Power, Power Plant and moreover to Cryogenic projects which has been deemed as a prosperous hereafter and so many of Yoneki's products still in good working order after 25 years of use on major cryogenic sites.

Yoneki Valve (UK) Ltd has added Seo Heung products to expand the range of valves for Cryogenic projects, Petroleum Refinery, Petro Chemicals, Nuclear, & Power Plant. 

Yoneki Valve (UK) Ltd have arranged exclusive relationship to promote both the Yoneki & Seo Heung products to extend the Yoneki range further. 

• Cryogenic Gate Valves
• Cryogenic Check Valves
• Cryogenic Globe Valves
• Cryogenic Ball Valves
• Cryogenic Top Entry
• Cryogenic Butterfly
• Check valves
• Globe valves
• Gate valves
• Relief valves
• Ball valves 
• Butterfly valves
• Control valves
• Cryogenic Control Valves

Yoneki Valve (UK) Ltd Overview