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Reedbed Filtration can solve problems of waste water treatment in remote locations, and for a variety of waste waters.

Reedbeds are particularly good for caravan & camping sites, for individual and multi occupancy developments, for small breweries, golf course vehicle washdown, acid mine water flows, land fill site leachate, polluted ground remediation.

Reductions are typically 95%. Reedbeds work all year round. They have been tested to temperatures down to -30C.

Few systems work as well, and none at my prices.

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Industrial waste water Reedbed Filtration

Reedbed filtration is low cost, and is highly effective for your Industrial Pollution waste water treatment. Reedbeds can work on their own. Reedbeds can also work in conjunction with chemical treatment. Meet discharge consent levels, or simply reduce costs of discharge to sewer.

Reedbeds can solve Environment Agency problems, by meeting their requirements

YES Reedbeds have paid for themselves in less that 2 years. You get green credentials. Prices are on the web site. Call for advice for suitability. Reedbeds can effectively filter waste waters.

Reedbeds don't filter fats, greases, oils, solvents.

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sewage treatment with Reedbeds

Reedbeds are the ideal solution for environmental problems in remote sites not connected to the mains sewer system. YES Reedbeds will effectively treat your waste water, as well if not better than any other treatment system. No system works better than a YES Reedbeds, few work as well, and none at my prices ( all listed on the web site ). Call for information.

We can help with Environment Agency requirements.

For more information please visit our web site www.yes-reedbeds.co.uk 

sewage treatment with Reedbeds

For more information on Reedbeds visit our web site www.yes-reedbeds.co.uk 

wastewater treatment for fook & drink waste waters

If your a fruit farm, or food processing, or a small brewery, consider Reedbeds for effective treatment of your waste waters. Reedbeds can work on their own, or with standard chemical treatment. We can advise how to produce an effective treatment system. Reedbeds can solve problems environmental legislation and other environmental problems

Reedbeds can be effective, low cost, long lasting systems, that meet with authority discharge consents.

Call for best information. If reedbeds don't work, we will tell you


wastewater treatment for fook & drink waste waters

Glamping sewage treatment with reedbeds

Glamping sites, Camping & caravan sites, Holiday Parks, Holiday homes have all had Reedbeds to solve waste water treatment problems. YES Reedbeds have no standing water and therefore  they produce clean and clear outflows with no smell

We can help with Environment Agency and Local Planning legislation.

With alternative systems, once the unit has been delivered, the supplier has no further responsibility. We have returned to solve problems, even 8 years after building.

Sizes & prices are on the web site. These are for systems in the ground and working.

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For more information please contact our web site at www.yes-reedbeds.co.uk/contact/

Environmental Legislation Issues

Help with Environment Agency and Planning Rerquirements, with regard to Environmental Legislation Issues

Water Drainage Problems


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