Yorkshire Profiles Ltd

Yorkshire Profiles Ltd is a sub-contract workshop specialising in providing WaterJet cutting and Laser cutting services. We are able to provide a fast turn-around and high quality parts at affordable prices thanks to our top of the range cutting equipment. We also offer folding and welding services to provide you with a full fabrication service from one off prototypes and samples to full batch runs. We have rumbling equipment too for removing any sharp surface features making products safe for the public sector.

With the combination of WaterJet and Laser cutting equipment we are able to cut virtually all materials up to 200mm thick.

Metal Cutting

With the combination of WaterJet and Laser cutting equipment we can cut all metals efficiently and cost effectively. Our Laser cutting machine can mass produce metal parts or quickly provide prototype products for your approval whilst our WaterJet cutting machine can provide thicker parts or parts which require tapped holes without having to drill holes separately. Read more below about the techniques we use to drive down our prices whilst providing you with a fast and affordable profiling service.

Laser Cutting

Using top of the range laser cutting technology, we are able to provide accurate parts up to 25mm thick at extremely competitive prices.

With sheet edge detection and a shuttle table, our Laser cutting setup is ideal for large batch runs which require a fast turn-around. Using 'Eco-Pierce', 'Oil-Shot' and 'Water Assisted Cutting', we are able to cut Mild Steel at extremely quick speed and not compromise on accuracy. The linear drive system of our Laser cutting machine is capable of holding hole size tolerances to 0.1mm.

Using Nitrogen assist gas, we can cut Stainless Steel (up to 12mm) leaving an almost polished appearance along the cut edge. We can also cut Aluminum (up to 10mm), although anything above 6mm Aluminum is generally most cost effective to be cut using our WaterJet cutting service.

Laser Cutting

WaterJet Cutting Services

Our WaterJet machine has provided us with outstanding reliability allowing us to produce parts around the clock. The twin-head cutting capabilities allow us to produce identical parts simultaneously reducing costs for larger orders.

The WaterJet cutting machine runs at nearly 60,000 PSI allowing us to cut virtually all materials (metallic and non-metallic) up to 200mm thick.

The machine is very precise and can hold tolerances up to 0.1mm. The cut width is only approximately 1mm wide allowing us to nest very tightly together to reduce material waste. The benefits of WaterJet cutting can outweigh the limitations of WaterJet cutting especially when trying to avoid the heat problems caused by Laser Cutting.

We recommend our WaterJet cutting service for parts which contain tapped holes as these holes can be cut at the correct size without hardening (hardened material will break the tapping tool) the material or requiring you to drill out afterwards.

WaterJet Cutting Services

Cutting Stainless Steel

We take care with all the jobs we take on. If the task requires laser cutting stainless steel, we use a custom made stainless steel machine bed to ensure no cross contamination with mild steel occurs. Many competitors use the same bed for cutting mild steel and stainless; this can put "mild steel spatter" onto your stainless parts causing them to rust over time. Our Laser can cut stainless steel up to a thickness of 12mm. The laser provides a nice "polished" appearance on stainless steels whilst our Waterjet provides a "sandblasted" appearance on the cut edge and can cut up to 200mm thick.

Cutting Stainless Steel

Cutting Mild Steel

We would recommend that most mild steels are cut using our Laser cutting service for thicknesses up to 25mm. Our laser can reach phenomenal speeds on mild steel and the dry environment does not start the corrosion process like it does on the WaterJet.

On thicknesses above 25mm the WaterJet is used. The lack of heat in the Waterjet allows us to nest parts just 6mm apart up to thicknesses of 200mm, this reduces material waste and keeps the cost down. The Waterjet also allows us to put very small holes through very thick plates, generally the Laser cannot cut holes smaller than the thickness of the material when dealing with materials thicker than 15mm.

Our Laser allows us to cut mild steels using eco-cut. This provides a much faster and efficient pierce than conventional lasers and allows us to cut at much faster speeds. Also on thicker mild steels we use "WACS" technology. This sprays a fine mist of water and rust inhibitor onto the sheet to keep it cooler during the cutting cycle.

Cutting Mild Steel

Cutting Other Materials

With the combination of the two machines we are able to cut virtually all materials up to 200mm (except toughened glass). The range of materials we have dealt with ranges from Mild Steel, Stainless, Aluminium and Hardox to Turf, Carpet and plywood.

Cutting Other Materials

Folding \ Press Brake Services

We have a 170 ton, 7 axis Amada press brake. This allows us to fold materials up to 3 metres in length of various thickness.

The CNC controls on the press brake allow us to save your parts to our database (including any tweaks) meaning repeat orders can easily be setup again.

We have Autodesk Inventor for undeveloping parts. 

We have invested in a range of tooling including safety edge tooling and roller tooling.

Yorkshire Profiles Ltd Overview