Yorkshire Rubber Linings Ltd



Chemical & abrasion resistant rubber lining and covering of industrial process equipment. Vulcanised (steam autoclave) rubber-to-metal bonding. Shot blast metal cleaning to Sa 2.5 or Sa3. Refurbishment of plant including metal fabrication repair & welding repair.

Ebonite specialists. Ebonite rubber linings, ebonite products. Repair of ebonite coatings.
Pyrolysis stripping and removal of worn coatings or linings. Rubber stripping & removal.

Rubber linings include: natural, neoprene, hypalon, EPDM, nitrile, ebonite.

Rubber gaskets, mouldings and products including sheet rubber and rubber sheeting.

Protective coatings specialists.

Application of 2-pack epoxy paint systems. Industrial paint sprayers.
Haulage collection & delivery service.

Service to wide range of industries: chemicals, oil & gas, marine, power generation, water treatment, defence, petrochemicals, mining & quarrying.

Rubber Covering

Wide range of Rubber Compounds to suit many different applications.

  • Hard Ebonite (Vulcanite)
  • Soft natural Rubber
  • SBR
  • Neoprene, (Chloroprene)
  • Nitrile; Hypalon
  • Butyl
  • EPDM
  • Other compounds by request
Rubber Covering

Yorkshire Rubber and Dexine Rubber Company Ltd

YRL Ltd have for many years worked closely with Dexine. Whilst technically our 2 companies were competitors we found that we could both buy and sell to each other successfully. We have for example bought Dexine Rubber compounds, whilst selling our engineering services back. It is sad that one of the oldest names in the British rubber industry has come to the end of its longstanding family ownership. Yorkshire Rubber Linings Ltd will continue to offer an excellent rubber lining and rubber covering service to British industries.

Yorkshire Rubber and Dexine Rubber Company Ltd

Composite Coatings

Yorkshire Rubber Linings Ltd provide coatings solutions and repair systems designed to meet exacting requirements in a diverse range of industries including: Marine, Power, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Nuclear, Mining, Minerals, Processing, Water Treatment, Manufacturing and Engineering. Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic, (GRP), Coatings & Products. GRP lining repairs and Ceramic Coatings Epoxy Resin Screed Coatings Rubber and Ebonite repair kits. Resichem Products – Range of metal, ceramic and concrete coating products manufactured by Resimac Ltd.  YRL are approved applicators.  Chemco Coatings – Glassflake and Epoxy coating and repair systems manufactured by Chemco International Ltd in Scotland. YRL are approved applicators of the wide range of epoxy based Belzona industrial protection and repair products. YRL are approved applicators and distributors of Denso and Devcon's full range of products

Composite Coatings

Industrial Linings

We provide RUBBER and many other NON-RUBBER products as well as creating bespoke components to client designs.

Industrial Linings
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