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Induction Loop Systems, Installation and Infrared Audio Hearing Systems 

Your Sense engineers have been designing and planning hearing assisted systems such as induction loops (AFILS, sometimes known as Hearing Loops) and Infrared Audio Systems for the past 25 years. When planning an Induction Loop or Infrared System we work closely with architects and building engineers to ensure the Loop System meets everyone's expectations. 

Induction Loop Systems and infrared Systems make life easier for hearing aid wearers by delivering a clear signal direct to the hearing aid, reducing background noise and eliminating aid 'whistle'.

We specialise in the sales and installation of 

  • Portable Induction Loop Systems
  • Induction Loop Systems For TV and Churches
  • Infrared Audio Hearing Systems

All our Induction Loop Systems and Infrared Systems are manufactured and installed along strict eco-friendly guidelines, we are the only Induction Loop manufacturer listed by green source.

We do Induction Loop Systems and systems which cater from young ages to later ages.

  • Room Induction Loop Systems (YS 50 is a small room loop system intended for rooms up to 50m²)
  • Counter Induction Loop Systems (Fixed Miniloop Loop system)
  • TV induction Loop Systems (TV loop will cover an area up to 50m²)
  • Portable Induction Loop Systems (Portable loop system is a self contained unit, a radius of one metre)
  • Transport Induction Loop Systems (Transport loop is designed to be fitted to taxis or busses)
  • Infrared Systems (For areas where confidentiality or no overspill are important)
  • Stadium Systems (low power radio transmitter and receivers)
  • Speech Transfers (For use in noisy situations such as railway stations)

We have installed Induction Loop Systems and Infrared Audio Systems for many large and small companies including Odeon and UCI cinemas, House of Fraser, T5, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Care homes, Zoos, Prisons, Private households.

We do installation of Induction Loop Systems and Infrared Systems right across the UK, just some of the areas included.

Bolton, Chester, Durham, Halifax, Liverpool, Landrindod Wells, Leeds, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Nottingham, South, West, East and North London, Milton Keynes, Wigan, Wolverhampton, Worcester, Birmingham, Coventry, Gloucester, Hereford, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge, Yorkshire, Derby, Cheshire, Carlisle,  Northhamptonshire, Truro and Canterbury.

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