Yunnan Yisheng Edible Mushroom Co Ltd

Yunnan Yisheng Edible Mushroom Co.,Ltd is a developing private enterprise. We have, for more than ten years, dedicated to developing and researching on wild edible mushroom and have reached a deep and precise level of process. The products are mainly exported to most Southeast Asia countries especially to Japan. Meanwhile, they keep certain status in Europe and America market.
At present, we can offer fresh wild edible mushrooms (Matsutake, Porcini, Truffle, Morel, Sarcodon aspratus and Chanterelle etc) and the relevant manufactured products (Series of Frozen-IQF BQF, Air Dried and Frozen Dried), as well as Yunnan specialties.
Our company covers about 6750 square meters with graceful environment. We own low-temperature frozen storage and high-temperature cold storage. In addition, the production and manufacture workshop has introduced advanced skills and techniques from foreign countries. In 2002, we have been awarded the PRC Sanitation Registration certificate which is recognized and issued by the supervision and administration committee under national commodity inspection bureau. In the end of 2004, we acquired HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) certificate authorized by international food administrative system. In 2005, we are recognized by US FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration).
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