Zaun Ltd

At Zaun, we specialise in the design and manufacture of fencing systems. Our high-quality solutions are designed to match the exact needs and specification requirements of almost any fencing application. Our wide range of fencing systems include steel perimeter fencing, high security fencing, access control, as well as sport and play solutions including full multi use game systems (MUGA). These systems are used by private companies and government bodies within the UK and abroad. We provide the complete package from the initial site survey through to technical bespoke solutions and product design. These products are manufactured in our state of the art production facility in the UK. Zaun can also offer managed installation of our fencing systems. 

Perimeter Fencing

We manufacture an impressive range of perimeter fencing solutions to suit all individual requirements.

Our perimeter fencing includes:

  • Duo Perimeter Fencing
  • Hi Sec Fencing
  • Hi Sec Super Six Fencing
  • Gemini Perimeter Fencing
  • Optima Fencing
  • Axiorn Fencing
  • Armaweave Fencing
  • Dual Guard Fencing
Perimeter Fencing

Security Fencing

We manufacture security fencing suitable for low, medium and high security applications.

Our security fencing meets government standards and includes:

  • Hi-Sec Security Fencing
  • Hi-Sec Double Skin Security Fencing
  • Hi-Sec Tube Security Fencing
  • Hi-Sec Super Six Security Fencing
  • ArmaWeave Security Fencing
  • Multifence Temporary Security Fencing
  • Multifence PAS68 Security Fencing
  • SecureGuard PAS68 Security Fencing
  • QMB PAS68 Security Fencing
  • Electric Toppings
  • Integrated Systems
Security Fencing

Sports Fencing

We supply a fantastic range of sports and MUGA fencing systems suitable for schools, play areas and leisure applications.

Our sports fencing collection includes:

  • Duo Sports Duo Sports Lite Super Rebound
  • Tennis Advantage System
  • Hockey Fencing
  • Olympus Fencing
  • Goal and Basketball Units
  • Sports Barn
  • Colosseum
  • Bow Top Play
  • Spectator Rails
  • Bike Lockers
Sports Fencing


Our impressive assortment of railings are suitable for a variety of uses including play areas, parks, gardens, industrial parks and homes.

Our collection of railings includes:

  • Solid vertical bar railings
  • Hollow vertical bar railings
  • Spectator railings
  • Bow top railings


We have a large selection of gates for pedestrian and vehicle access to meet your individual requirements. Our gates provide access, restriction, security, and safety through using manual and automated systems. We design our gates based on the amount of room you have and the shape of your property.

Our collection of gates includes: 

  • Swing gates
  • Sliding gates
  • Cantilever sliding gates
  • Turnstiles
  • Bollards
  • Blockers
  • Rising manual and automatic arm barriers
  • Access control
  • Pedestrian gates
  • Locks

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