Zaun Ltd

At Zaun, we specialise in the design and manufacture of fencing systems. Our high-quality solutions are designed to match the exact needs and specification requirements of almost any fencing application. Our wide range of fencing systems include steel perimeter fencing, high security fencing, access control, as well as sport and play solutions including full multi use game systems (MUGA). These systems are used by private companies and government bodies within the UK and abroad. We provide the complete package from the initial site survey through to technical bespoke solutions and product design. These products are manufactured in our state of the art production facility in the UK. Zaun can also offer managed installation of our fencing systems. 

  1. Access Control

    Access Control
    Access control is a system which enables the owner to control access to areas and resources in a facility. An access control system, within the field of a security solution, is generally seen as the second layer in the security of a physical structure and is combined with access gates, barriers and turnstiles to form a fully auditable solution. Together with our access control solutions are our range of lock solutions can be supplied to meet the same security requirements of our fencing and vehicle and pedestrian access gates. These solutions have been developed in conjunction with leading suppliers of lock solutions and in many cases have been designed specifically for our products. These products conform to standard EN12209:2003. Products include electro-mechanical gate lock with claw bolt or slide bar closing mechanisms. These products are suitable for use on external perimeter gates (e.g. electrified perimeter fencing requiring an escape function), and features a powerful claw mechanism which engages with a heavy duty stainless steel adjustable strike. These products have undergone an extensive test programme which has been independently verified.
  2. Advantage Tennis Court Fencing

    Advantage Tennis Court Fencing
    Zaun's advantage tennis court fencing system is capable of withstanding heavy use while allowing easy viewing of the on court action. The use of chain-link fencing for tennis courts is a classic example of how lowest cost does not equal best value. Easily cut with pliers, people gain access out of hours by snipping the fence, encouraging inappropriate use of the courts and making them an eyesore. Chain-link also deforms quickly especially when people lean against it in between play. Why choose Zaun tennis court fencing? Zaun's Advantage Tennis court fencing system uses a 200mm x 40mm twin wire mesh, resulting in an extremely durable court perimeter and enhancing the area in which it is situated. The 200mm x 40mm mesh also means that there is no chance of the ball passing through the fence, a problem that can occur behind the serving line with more common 200mm x 50mm mesh. The twin horizontal wires mean that the court will also be suitable for high impact sports like five a side football. Fixings every 200mm and rubber inserts at each fixing virtually eliminate rattle during play. A clamp bar covering the panel ends ensures a safe playing surface with no sharp edges.
  3. Anti Climb Guard Topping

    Anti Climb Guard Topping
    The Zaun Anti Climb Guard fence topping is a freely rotating, anti-scaling, anti-climb security fencing topping. Designed to effectively roll away any aggression and crime without any intent to harm and eliminates any footholds for potential intruders.
  4. Apex Railings

    Apex Railings
    The Apex Security Railings from Zaun are a perimeter fencing system is an attractive vertical bar railing system that is designed and manufactured with no welded parts. Each panel uses vertical bar In-Fills, manufactured from hollow tube that is fixed into place on the horizontal RHS tube.
  5. ArmaWeave

    This system is designed to secure sites of critical importance. Installed on multiple high profile locations, ArmaWeave has unique system properties, which give significant advantages over other perimeter fencing solutions. The woven mesh system offers a more substantial delay from attack, from hand and powered non-contact tools than would be offered from traditional welded mesh systems - thanks to its tighter mesh pattern and use of high tensile steel wires. ArmaWeave also offers seamless integration with detection systems including PIDs, CCTV and topping enhancements. Tested by various government departments, ArmaWeave meets the current criteria for forcible attack. The tight woven mesh pattern offers no climbing aids and provides little room for blades and cutting tools to attack the fabric.
  6. ArmaWeave Plus

    ArmaWeave Plus
    When the highest level of perimeter protection is necessary, Zaun has a product to meet this requirement. The system has been carefully designed to eradicate risk from attack, whilst ensuring properties of the mesh fencing system are maintained. ArmaWeave Plus is our highest rated offer, giving maximum delay from forcible attack. The system is also suitable for integration with PIDs, CCTV and topping enhancements. In line with approved testing methods, Zaun carried out a program of forcible attack trials using a variety of attack tools. We used approved method of entry professionals to ensure that our tests exactly replicate official methods. The results of our testing have demonstrated the significant advantages ArmaWeave gives you.
  7. Automated Electric Gates

    Automated Electric Gates
    Ideal for situations where space is restricted, sliding gates allow quick, easy and regulated access through large entrances. The electric Diamond automated sliding gate system is one of the most modern available in Europe. It is delivered as one unit, with all the required mechanical and electrical components already in place. This plug and play design means installation is quick and easy with the gates fully tested before leaving the factory. It has an extremely smooth and quiet mechanism making it ideal for prestigious sites. Using a cantilever system, the sliding gate does not use a track in the ground, which has been known to can cause maintenance problems as they can fill with debris. The Diamond sliding gate conforms to BS EN 13241, and comes with a flashing warning light, passage light and security strip. A 2 year or 8000 movement guarantee on parts assures the quality of this product.
  8. Automatic Bollards

    Automatic Bollards
    Our range of automatic rising active bollards provides automated vehicle access control to your premises. The automatic bollard range can be linked with a wide range of access control systems to make the operation seamless yet secure.
  9. Automatic Cantilever Sliding Gates

    Automatic Cantilever Sliding Gates
    Cantilever sliding gates from Zaun, a trackless sliding gate which secures sites with a maximum width of 10 metres. With a maximum gate height of 5 metres. Bespoke sizes also available upon request. Ideal for sites with restricted space. The cantilever sliding gates allow quick, easy and regulated access through large entrances.
  10. Automatic Rising Arm Barriers

    Automatic Rising Arm Barriers
    The Automatic Rising Arm Barriers or boom gates as they are also known. Typically found at parking facilities, check points and entrances to restricted areas.