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We provide high quality precision machining services either on a contractual or bespoke basis. We have an entire new range of CNC machines utilising the latest technology to undertake this work together with highly experienced machinists totalling over 50 years of operating knowledge in this field. We produce and deliver compenents that are used in industries all over the world.

At Zeppelin, we are highly experienced in working with components that are machined to very close tolerances approaching single digits in microns. We have a highly skilled team that approach every job with a commitment to maintain the manufacturing tolerances and specifications at each stage of the process.With our factory located in Asia together with a branch in the UK, we are able to provide an extremely competitive service coupled with the high standards and quality expected by our European clients.  

We are experienced in producing a consistently high quality of CNC machined compenents in variety of materials. 

Quality Control and Inspection

We employ a range of strict internal procedures and standards and are ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certified. Our in-house test and inspection department utilises a range of high quality precision measuring equipment to ensure tolerances and specifications are consistently maintained.

We monitor and record each component's progress and adherence to tolerances at throughout each stage of the machining process to ensure optimum quality and efficiency of production.

For accurate measurement we use high quality instruments manufactured by established and respected leaders in the industry such as Mitutoyo. We re-calibrate the instruments periodically every 6 months to retain maximum precision.

We also offer other value added services including Dye Penetration Inspection (DPI) using high quality penetrants and developers. Where required, every component comes with its own specific independent DPI report.

We can also also provide separate Independant Inspection reports of each component batch as required.

Production and OEM services

We manufacture and machine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) components for a range of clients. We can offer a competitive range of options for your manufacturing needs. We place the utmost importance on client confidentiality and are experienced in working with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in place.

At Zeppelin we are also able to provide a complete manufacturing service. Simply provide us with your drawings and requirements and we will get to work in providing you the best possible product at a very competitive cost and deliver it to you within the agreed timescales. We have strong relationships with foundries that have been established over years of experience and are able to produce castings of a high quality. Our in house engineers can also work on ensuring that the products incur minimal wastage during casting to ensure costs are kept competitive.

Production and OEM services

Finishing and Packaging

Our aim is to ensure that products reach the client exactly as requested and in the same pristine condition as when they were at the end of the machining process. We have a special dedicated clean area for finishing, assembly, lubrication and packaging of the components. We have partnered with the most reliable delivery agents who are specifically chosen to ensure expedient, timely and safe delivery to any country. Your shipment will be tracked all the way to its final destination with notifications provided along the way to keep you updated on its progress.      

Finishing and Packaging
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