Zeppelin Systems GmbH Henschel Mixing Technology


As a leading global plant engineering company for the handling (storing, conveying, discharging, preparing, blending, weighing and dosing) of high-quality bulk materials and liquids, Zeppelin Systems – one of five strategic business units of the Zeppelin Group - works in the industry sectors plastic, rubber and tire, chemical, beverage and food.

Zeppelin Systems supplies all plant engineering services from a single source from basic engineering and the production of own components and control technology through to the final assembly as well as a comprehensive after-sales service. All contacts come from a single source because Zeppelin Systems is involved in every project phase. This keeps the number of interfaces to a minimum and ensures that projects run smoothly.

Zeppelin Systems GmbH Henschel Mixing Technology

Thanks to the world-wide activities and locations in all important industrial centers and production facilities in Germany, Belgium, Brazil, China, and Saudi-Arabia, Zeppelin Systems can always provide their clients with the latest, most innovative and reliable technology to ensure maximum economic success.

Our products: silos, tyre recycling plants, conveyor systems for the plastics industry, sieving machines, sieving lines, automation systems for technical production processes, bulk feeders, discharging aids for bulk goods, container emptying stations, mixing silos, filters for the plastics industry

Zeppelin Systems GmbH Henschel Mixing Technology
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