Zettlex Printed Technologies Ltd

Zettlex Limited is a high-technology company specialising in inductive sensors. Our business is the commercial exploitation of patents & technical expertise by :
  • Developing sensors to customer requirements
  • Supplying pre-programmed chips
  • Supplying sensors & sensor components
Our customers include OEM's & electrical/electronic system manufacturers in a range of industries.

Zettlex pioneers new technologies and new ways of doing business.
Most of the materials necessary to produce Zettlex sensors are widely available commodities: printed circuit boards & surface mount electronics. In most instances, there is little point in Zettlex being yet another source of such components.

Zettlex enables our customers to minimise their costs by supplying the gerber files, circuit diagrams and bills of materiel for sensor production. Zettlex supplies the software necessary for sensor operation, under licence, in the form a code protected chip.

If an existing sensor design is not suitable for a customer, we can develop one to suit. Zettlex can also supply complete sensors.

Zettlex sensors have some unusual features
  • Feature
  • Inexpensive
  • Robust
  • Non-contact
  • Insensitive to misalignment
  • Absolute
  • Capable of identification
  • Benefit
  • Higher Margins
  • Reliable without maintenance/service
  • Very long life
  • Low cost mechanical engineering
  • No need for recalibration
  • Minimise costs by measring multiple targets

Small Rotary Sensors

We supply small rotary sensors that are perfect for small, challenging spaces where the maximum outer diameter range is less than 50mm or even less than 25mm. They are ideal for applications needing high resolution and repeatability. Applications for our small rotary sensors include:

  • Motor encoders
  • Servo controls
  • Robot motion controls

Large Rotary Sensors

As with the small rotary sensors; our large rotary sensors are perfect for difficult physical environments where high resolution and frequent repetition is required.

Ideal for extreme levels of accuracy, our range of large rotary sensors includes off the shelf options. Large rotary sensors can be used for numerous applications including CNC machine tools, rotary tables and test equipment. 

Linear Sensors

The majority of our linear sensors are used in the 10mm - 1000mm range as they are ideal for a broad spectrum of linear sensing applications.

As well as CNC machine tools, our linear sensors are used in the following applications:

  • Liquid level measurement
  • Actuator servo feedback
  • Weight/vibration and wear sensors

Curvi-Linear Sensors

A major benefit of our curvi-linear sensors is that they only need a small space to measure rotation. Curvi-linear sensors can be used to measure rotation over limited angles and they are well suited to complex surfaces including:

  • Gunnery sights
  • Flight surfaces
  • Fin servos


Our sensors can be used for numerous applications including:

  • Azimuth & Elevation Angle Encoder
  • ATEX Rotary Encoder
  • Angle Resolvers for Gimbal System
  • Flight qualified Rotary Sensor for flight surface control
  • Programmable Angle Encoder
  • Linear Sensor/Level Transducer for Volatile Liquids
  • Flow Sensor
  • Very harsh environment Linear Transducer
  • Tandem Rotary Encoder for Optical System
  • OEM Linear Transducer (Unpackaged)
  • Angle Encoder for Petrochemicals

Zettlex Printed Technologies Ltd Overview