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About us,

Zhejiang Taacas electronic Technology Development Co.,ltd was established in 2017 and located in Ningbo Zhejiang province,Our company set up marketing and technical services department in 31 provinces and regions. Taacas Implementation International development strategy,In russia ,the middle east, South Africa,South America,Southeast Asia etc 30 Countries have marketing department too and Have formed a global marketing network.

Taacas seize the chance of “Made in china 2025” and “internet +”,keep up with the time,through All-round innovation of technology,capital and operation mode.We are based on the industrial transformation upgrading,high-end product research and development,we have complete electronic industry group include high speed date cable,High speed signal transmission cable,Industrial-grade terminal decoder and Amp etc. Committed to build a global information and electronic industry service providers.

  Taacas real-time adjustment the development strategy,Adjust the direction to the operation and maintenance services,At the same times,our company enter the internet industry with a high start.Achieved the industrial chain further extention.Formed a new business model of products+platform+service.In the field of electric power,we extended to the global electronics, Involved in the construction and operation of the new energy vehicle smart charging infrastructure.Taacas grasp opportunities has made a transition from prodcution and development enterprise to Creative enterprise,From product supplier to full value chain integrated service provider,from manufacturing to platform service enterprise,from domestic enterprises to international enterprise,Efforts to promote the intelligence of the factory,lean manufacturing and information management,create intelligent factory of new era.

The innovation is the eternal topic of enterprise development,Taacas is committed to the development of innovative technology.Relying on state-level scientific research personnel ,provincial-level technology(engineering) center and other research platforms,We have the World’s leading scientific research materials,It been widely used in communications operators,like china telecom,china unicom and china mobile etc,As well as global power,radio and  television,transportation,education,national defense,aerospace,chemical,petroleum,medical and other industries.

Taacas as a global information and electronics industry service providers,

Adhering to the”build a world-renowned brand,the achievements of international outstanding enterprises” corporate vision,we will make a greater contribution for the development of global communications and electronics.

Main product:

1:Independent research and development super pcocc.

2:Professional audio wire.

3:Digital processing of high performance satellite data lines.

4:HIFi DSD decoder,HIFI DAC decoder,HIFI class a amplifier.

5:The industrial-grade decoder.

6:Industrial-grade class a amplifier.

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