We design and produce beautiful web sites from only £199. In about a week. That you can update. That bring you business. Without using templates. With your own dedicated UK-based designers.

Cheap website design and production

Why pay thousands to build a web site when you can have one for £199? Whether you want a simple five page site or multiple pages and integrated ecommerce, we can help. We pride ourselves on producing sites that bring you business as well as looking great. If you want to find out how much your site will costs, call us now on 01372 200 000.

How we do it

We make it simple. We ask you what you want to do with your site, talk to you about the sites you like and then we start work.
You can check on progress online anytime and we encourage your comments and feedback during the process. We could make it more complicated but we think simple is best!

How do I update it?

Dead easy. 95% of our customers manage their own web sites - the system is like a simple word processing package which allows to to produce text, instal images and copy and paste from any standard system.

You can add music players, videos, animations and thousands of special characters and functionality and, don't worry, you don't need to understand computers, web sites or code to do it.

It sounds complicated

It isn't. Have a look at our web site at www.zigger.co.uk and see examples of the many sites we have done for other people and companies, many of whom have very little experience of web sites or even computers. Our own web site is also produced using the same system.

How long does it take?

Typically a web site takes around a week to produce - longer if you need to sell from your site. It's best to talk to one of our experts here about the site you would like to have - the number of pages, amount of text, design etc and then we can give you a date for completion.

I'm interested, what do I do next?

It's best to call us first on 0845 544 0372 or 01372 200 000 and speak to us about your site. After that, if you would like to use us, you simply pay us a 50% deposit, send us as much information as you have and we start work. You don't pay us the balance until the site is completed.

So call us today and, this time next week, you could have a shiny new web site!

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