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Transmission technology from Vorarlberg, Austria…ischt all dra! Translated: is often inside! Even if it does not say ZIMM on the outside, ZIMM is often inside!

The end consumer uses everyday items and materials, which are produced using the help of ZIMM spindle-type lifting drives – however, he will never catch sight of the “ZIMM Heinzelmen”.

Lifting systems are used in automated production- and assembly facilities. A spindle-type lifting drive is an electromechanical drive and is deployed where weights have to be controlled and positioned very precisely.

Packing Machines For Food

Some application areas:
Assembly facility of almost all renowned automobile producer
• Lifting platforms and assembly for aircraft manufacture and –maintenance
• Production facilities (for: flat screens; plastic profiles for the window industry; steel sheets, steel profiles, insulating glass, wooden panels; fleece fabrics, hygiene products or insulating materials)
Packing machines for food
• Filling- and Labelling systems for beverage bottles
• Paper processing plants

Packing Machines For Food


ZIMM technology enables changing stage designs on lake stages and at the festival theatre in Bregenz. Also other bigger theatres, like the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg and the Bolschoi Theatre in Moscow use ZIMM technology for their heavyweight stage movements.

International corporate groups and renowned machine- and plant manufacturers bet on the innovative products and solutions by ZIMM.

Our products: lifting drives, linear actuators, spindle-type lifting drives, gearboxes, clutches, gear racks, special gears, nuts with trapezoidal thread, chain drives, drives

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