ZINNER GmbH Präzisionswerkzeuge


For over 40 years our highly-skilled staff have been satisfying the requirements of our customers – quickly, simply and at attractive prices.


The products are:

  • Punch tools: Super cut-off blades in the sizes 19/26/32/60/100.Short blades (ST-B from 0,5mm) and a modular grooving tools. Inner grooving from 2mm. Grooving tools for hardened parts. Special tools according to drawing.
  • CBN tools, CBN disposable trays, CBN turning plates in all forms possible, CBN equipped turning tool.
  • Diamond tools: PKD disposable trays, PKD turning plates in all forms possible, PKD equipped turning tool.
  • Lathe tools, threading tools for inside and outside machining. From 8x8 to 40x40mm. Minimal turning from bore diameter 1mm. Turning tools in all implementations. Special tools according to drawing.
  • Recessing tools: Short cutting tools from 0,5 mm cutting width, form and milling tools.
  • Milling tools: Circular milling cutters from a diameter of 10mm, side milling cutters from 63mm – 400mm, VHM milling/HSSE milling, VHM circular milling cutters from 6mm diameter.
  • Tool holders for machining centres: Deliverable for turning-milling machines according to DIN 69871,DIN 2080,HSK and MK holders, VDI holders.
  • Hard metal tools: Turning-grooving-milling-boring tools with turning elements in all designs.
  • Solid carbide milling tools, carbide indexable inserts, hard metal machining tools, special tools for machining, machining tools, solid carbide tools, drilling tools.
  • Lathe tools with polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and cubic boron nitride (CBN) tipped cutting edge
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