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Zollern have a global reputation for reliability and strength and offer high quality planetary gearboxes available in drive, winch or rotating case drives.

Our experience and expertise in designing and manufacturing planetary gearboxes, hydraulic winches, electric winches, and freefall winches have led to us providing the shipbuilding, offshore and building construction industries with these outstanding products. We are now Germany's leading supplier of planetary gear solutions.

Linear Bearing Shaft

Our linear bearing shaft is available from stock in standard metric sizes and our facilities in Aulendorf, Germany are equipped with the most comprehensive and innovative machining centres enabling us to manufacture components to customer drawing.

We are Europe's foremost manufacturer and supplier of high precision hardened steel shaft for use with linear bearing shaft systems.

Gears and Winches

Our planetary gear range includes a variety of gears and winches including slewing and swing gears as well as mobile and stationary planetary drives, hub drive units for winches, towing winches, and FreeFall winches

All our gears and winches are custom built to the exact requirements of the application. Fifteen module gear stages are designed in four rations and fit together in the selected configuration and combined with user defined output and input options.

Zollern Linear Bearing Shaft

Zollern linear bearing shafts are manufactured at our plant in Germany and are induction hardened and polished to DIN ISO standard. We also have a range of ex stock chrome-plated linear bearing bars available and have our own chroming facilities to make this process even easier, faster and safer.

High quality Zollern linear bearing shafts and our developments in continuous chrome plating of linear bars and piston rods has opened up more opportunities in surface quality. Our innovative machining centre is committed to the production of linear bearing shaft and our CNC machines manufacture highly accurate axial and radical bores.

Our new and advanced grinding and turning equipment gives us the capability to produce ground bar to 250mm diameter or 8m in length. Super finish, dense chrome and other special features are available giving our linear shafting customers extra quality assurance.


We have 80 years experience in manufacturing and using industrial bearings and have developed our own range of DIN bearings - the "Z-Bearing." These bearings provide various improvements in comparison to competing products.

Steel Profiles

Zollern Isoprofil is the name for our outstanding steel profiles manufactured at our factories in Laucherthal and Mannheim. Steel profiles are produced closely with our customers, based in a wide variety of industry sectors, in order to meet the demands of specific design and assignment production.

Our steel profiles are produced with the highest quality and through selective cold forming and heat treatments. This helps to enhance material strength and also help improve machining capability.

Copper Castings and Copper Forgings

We have been involved in the foundry technology sector for over 100 years and from a technological point of view, copper casting and copper forging is a highly complex method of shaping metal and the ways casting can be performed are varied and diverse. It is this diversity that has helped the success of our foundry technology, copper castings and copper forgings.

We believe quality and adherence to delivery deadlines are nothing out of the ordinary either for us or our clients, but an expectation and the basis for survival in the national and international market place is essential and what we aim to provide.

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