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Zwick is one of the world's leading manufacturers of static and dynamic materials testing systems. With our extensive portfolio of testing machines, systems, and software we supply customized solutions for virtually every application related to materials testing.


Testing Thermoplastic and Thermosetting Materials

Zwick supplies reliable universal testing machines and extensometers for tensile, flexure and compression testing. We also supply pendulum impact testers, hardness testing machines, extrusion plastometers and HDT/Vicat testers in manual and fully automated versions. Using Zwick testing equipment will significantly reduce the statistical spread of your results.

Testing Semi-Finished and Finished Components

Zwick supplies the most reliable universal testing machines and extensometers for tensile, flexure and compression tests, together with pendulum impact testers, extrusion plastometers and HDT/Vicat testing instruments in manual and fully automated versions. Using them will significantly reduce the statistical spread of results.


Many different factors have to be considered in selecting the ideal testing system, software and hardware for your test requirements – we are always ready to help!

Installation and Commissioning

A continuous training program for our service technicians ensures optimum installation of your testing machine or accessory.

We possess many years’ experience gained from thousands of successful installations.
Function-testing before acceptance ensures trouble-free installation.
Handover of the testing system and accessories is via a signed acceptance certificate.

On-Site Support

If, despite careful maintenance and servicing, your materials testing machine fails, you are in the best of hands with us.

A continuous training program keeps our service technicians up to date with the latest technology. Our service technicians’ many years of experience enable them to deal professionally with any unforeseen eventualities when carrying out repairs.

Our service technicians have fully equipped service vehicles and carry common spare and wear parts with them, together with the necessary special tools. Qualified service engineers are also available for previous-generation materials testing machines.

Zwick Calibration Laboratories

Take advantage of our many years of experience in the field of calibration. The Zwick Calibration Laboratories have been accredited since:

UKAS (United Kingdon Accreditation Service) since 1988
DKD (German Calibration Service) since 1994.
Calibration certificates are proof of measurement traceability to national or international Standards as required by the ISO 9000 family of standards and ISO ISO/IEC 17025.

Qualification (DQ / IQ / OQ) for the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Are you engaged in the medical and pharmaceutical sector? We can assist you with observance of national and international laws and guidelines by providing comprehensive qualification for our materials testing systems.

Professionally generated individual qualification documentation for the DQ, IQ and OQ stages in accordance with GAMP and current guidelines.

On-site qualification by experienced Zwick service technicians, also available in connection with pending commissioning or calibration.

Critical testing software elements such as user management or traceable electronic recording are checked on-site in the scope of the qualification.

Qualification is available for previously installed Zwick testing systems as well as for new testing systems
Zwick’s calibration laboratory has DKD, UKAS, COFRAC and A2LA to EN ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation and is therefore authorized to perform calibrations for the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

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