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UK Suppliers of Fastening and Assembly Solutions - Authorised main UK distributors for Avdel, Southco, Dzus, PEM & Gesipa.

Our Industrial Fasteners range includes but is not limited to;

Its as easy as 1,2,3!

  1. We advise on the most suitable industrial fasteners to use.
  2. We supply the fasteners, the tools and the tool spares.
  3. We install, repair and service tools and equipment.

Pop Avdel Fastening Systems

Zygology is the UK’s leading Pop Avdel Fastening Systems Distributor.

The extensive variety of rivet, structural systems and threaded inserts ensure that POP Avdel has an assembly solution which;

  • Add value
  • Improve production
  • Reduce manufacturing costs

Browse these categories under Pop Avdel Fastening Solutions on our website

  • Breakstem rivet systems
  • Speed fasteners
  • Structural breakstem fasteners
  • Structural two part fasteners
  • Avdel Nutserts
  • Avseal Sealing plugs

To compliment our Avdel Fastening Solutions range we also offer Avdel Air Tool Hire.

Pop Avdel Fastening Systems

Southco Quick Access Fasteners

Southco has built an unmatched portfolio of access hardware solutions, through innovation and strategic acquisitions.

The Southco range includes over 25,000 standard catalogue products and more than 50,000 custom products that have been created to meet customers’ design needs.

Browse these categories under Southco / Dzus Access Solutions on our website

Southco Quick Access Fasteners

PEM Assembly Systems

PEM are world leaders in fastening technology.

The range includes self clinching nuts studs and standoffs as well as innovative new products such as Spotfast flush rivets, R’angle right angle threaded fasteners and Snaptop standoffs for mounting PCB’s to chassis.

Browse these categories under "PEM Assembly Systems" on our website

  • PEM self clinching fasteners
  • PEM panel access fasteners
  • PEM broaching fasteners for PC boards
  • PEM Reelfast surface mount fasteners for PC board
  • PEM TD cable tie mounts and hooks
  • PEM SI inserts for plastics
  • StickScrew
  • WN series weld nuts
  • ATLAS FM Rivet Nuts

To compliment our PEM Assembly Systems range we also offer PEMSERTER installation equipment.

PEM Assembly Systems

Masterfix Tools and Fasteners

Zygology Ltd is the main UK stockist of Masterfix fasteners and tools.

Zygology Ltd has been appointed as the UK stockist and distrubtion hub for Masterfix parts by Stanley Engineered Fastening. we carry extesnive stocks of Masterfix rivets, rivet nuts and installation tools


Browse these categories under "Masterfix" on our website

  • Blind Rivets
  • Rivet Nut Studs
  • Rivet Nuts
  • Placing Tools


Masterfix Tools and Fasteners

BBA High Performance Rivet Nuts

BBA are gaining an enviable reputation for creating products which solve assembly problems in a manner no other manufacturer can match.

Well known in Europe BBA products are now available in the UK. The BCT (Bulge Control Technology) range allows rivet nuts to be installed into a whole new range of materials – including GRP, plastic laminates, wood as well as thick or thin gauge materials.

Browse these categories under "BBA High Performance Rivet Nuts" on our website

BBA High Performance Rivet Nuts

Zygology value rivet nuts

As the name suggests Value rivets offer excellent value for money.

Produced to our requirements Value rivet nuts are made to exacting standards to ensure that quality is never compromised. Available in steel and stainless steel and a wide range of body styles and thread sizes Value Rivets from Zygology offer customers a competitive edge and guaranteed performance.

Browse these categories under "Zygology value rivet nuts" on our website

  • Value rivet nuts - steel round
  • Value rivet nuts - stainless steel round
  • Value rivet nuts - steel hex
  • Value rivet nuts - stainless steel hex
  • Value rivet nuts - steel square
Zygology value rivet nuts

Tools for rivets and rivet nuts

Zygology has a comprehensive range of tools to place blind rivets and rivet nuts.

All needs are catered for from high volume production work to the hobbyist working at home. All tools supplied by Zygology are inspected and tested prior to despatch and come with a full warranty.

Browse these categories under "Placing tools" on our website

  • Many Free Avdel and Pemserter tool manuals to download
  • Tools for breakstem rivet systems
  • Tools for rivet nuts
  • Tools for speed fasteners
  • Tools for structural breakstem fasteners
  • Tools for structural two part fasteners
  • Tools for Avseal sealing plugs
  • Accu Bird Battery Powered Rivet Tool
  • FireFox Rivet Nut Air Tool
Tools for rivets and rivet nuts
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