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  • High Voltage Silicon Low Power
  • High Voltage Silicon Medium Power
  • High Voltage Silicon High Power
  • High Voltage Power Mosfet (N-Channel)
  • High Voltage Silicon Epoxy Power Transistors
  • Silicon Darlington Transistors
  • Silicon Dual Differential Amplifier Transistors
  • Silicon Transistors-Small Signal
  • Silicon Transistors- Medium & High Power
  • Silicon Transistors- Medium Power General Purpose
  • High Voltage Transistors

Since its founding in 1968, Semiconductor Technology, Inc. has assumed a leading role in high voltage N-Channel mosfet and high voltage NPN/PNP transistor technology. Semiconductor Technology, Inc. endeavours to offer its customers the most reliable, state-of-the-art mosfets and transistors in the industry.

Semiconductor Technology, Inc. serves a wide range of industrial, telecommunications, medical, and military OEM's both in the domestic and international markets. The quality assurance procedures and a zero-defects program have been in force for over 30 years.

Semiconductor Technology, Inc. can process transistors to environmental and burn-in screening Class I, II, and III, which meets military environmental requirements and is in compliance with ISO9001:2008; Semiconductor Technology, Inc. is a leader in high voltage N-Channel mosfet and high voltage NPN/PNP transistor types, and the product line encompasses the most complete NPN/PNP dual transistor (dual differential transistors) line. Approximately thirty-five percent of our high voltage N-Channel mosfets and high voltage NPN/PNP transistors are sole source items.

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