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  • 174 Milton Park
  • Abingdon
  • Oxfordshire
  • United Kingdom
  • OX14 4SE (map)

  • Tel: 01235 432050
  • Fax: 020 7492 327
  • Website: www.tplusmedical.com
t+ Medical uses the latest technology to help people living with diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma; providing the key to living healthier lives with fewer of the debilitating complications that arise from long term illness.

We do so by harnessing the tremendous computing power of something we've come to accept as part of everyday life, something the vast majority of us carry round 24/7: the mobile phone.

Our technology collects data using a mobile phone, processes that data and presents it in an easy-to-interpret form. Help like this is clinically proven to improve long-term outcome.

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