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Test Equipment

Test Equipment

Established over 14 years ago, we supply high quality test equipment and measurement instrumentation in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

We strive to provide a cost efficient solution to industry and research organisations by offer the highest quality refurbished equipment. We also cater for your rental needs when budget restraints indicate an alternative to purchasing.

As well as test equipment and measurement equipment, we also address the demand for SUN Workstations, HP workstations, controllers, and peripherals. We help with microprocessor design and development systems requirements with in-circuit emulators by AMC, HP, and Microtek.

We have logic analysis systems available by Tektronix and Hewlett Packard, ideal for troubleshooting and solving the toughest measurement problems.

Our in-house expertise will help you work out the best solution to your problem so if you are not sure about what you require, contact us.

Test and Measurement Products

Test and Measurement Products
Our additional test and measurement products include:
  • AC/DC breakdown testers
  • Audio analysers and mod. meters
  • Calibration equipment
  • Component analysers
  • Computer peripherals and CADCAM
  • Counters and timers
  • Emulators and prom programmers
  • Lan analysers and cable testers
  • Logic analysers
  • Microprocessor troubleshooters
  • Optical test equipment
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Power analysers
  • Power supplies and V/C source
  • Pulse and function / Waveform Gen
  • RF and microwave accessories
  • RF/AF power meters and sensors
  • Signal and sweep generators
  • Sound and vibration equipments
  • Spectrum and network analysers
  • Telecomms and datacomms
  • Video test equipment
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