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Material Analysis and Testing

Material Analysis and Testing

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  • Thermal Insulation Testing
  • DMA Testing & Application Notes. Over 35 years experience here.

For checking the THERMAL INSULATION properties of your materials, we offer a rapid service to BS874/ISO8301 for measuring the lambda values. Thickness up to 100mm.

DMA (Dynamic Mechanical Analysis) will give you the glass transition (softening point), stiffness (modulus) and damping from -180ºC to 400ºC in air. These can vary with the vibration frequency and strain amplitude! Also thermal expansion - TMA. Runs can be made in air or liquids (max 150C).  DMA is also over 1000 times as sensitive as DSC for milligrams of powders or a single drop of liquid.  Polymer calibration standards for GPC or Maldi-TOFS.  Deuterated polymers and monomers.

Polymer calibration standards for GPC or MALDI-TOFS

Deuterated polymers and C13 ones too.  Discounts for European universities.

Specific Heat (Cp) Testing

Specific Heat (Cp) Testing

Specific heat (Cp) testing on larger gram size samples.

The main problem with using a DSC to measure specific heat is that the samples are so small that they will often not be representative of the bulk sample particularly if it is a composite or multi-phase material.

Using samples of 2 to 25mm thickness by 50 to 60mm diameter (or octagonal) we can now offer this test over the T range from "0 to <200ºC". (This is using the same Lasercomp Fox 50 apparatus used for thermal conductivity testing.)

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