Tt Electronics Integrated Manufacturing Services Ltd.

  • Tregwilym Industrial Estate
  • Rogerstone
  • Newport
  • Gwent
  • United Kingdom
  • NP10 9YA (map)

  • Tel: 01633 892345
  • Fax: 01633 895755
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Delivering electronic manufacturing solutions

At TTems you will experience a proactive, dynamic approach backed up by vast experience and dedication to customer service. We offer:

  • Through-life cost efficiency combining UK-based NPI, process optimisation, and low- to mid volume production with a high volume low cost manufacture from our facilities in China and Malaysia.
  • A truly global manufacturing solution covering Europe, North America and Asia, with our US-based EMS provider, TT Apsco.
  • UK-based programme management for all manufacturing locations.
  • A complete range of value-added services in the UK covering design support, turnkey manufacturing and tailored logistics through to after sales support.
Our customers views us as an extension of their own facilities, through open, honest working partnerships at all levels.

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