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All types of Parking & Security Posts or Bollards, including Fold Down, Removable & Telescopic.

Fully Telescopic Security Parking Posts and Bollards

Telescopic or Retractable Security Posts & Bollards are the strongest type of Posts used for typically protecting Driveways, Garage & Industrial Door and other types of entrances, the strength comes from the fact that there is more material underground than above.

When the posts are not in use, the internal post is stored inside the sleeve fitted into the ground, leaving a safe & flush finish which prevents the chance of damage to the underneath of a low car etc, and with the fact that it is far more aesthetically pleasing to the eye when not in use. 

Fold Down Parking Posts

Fold Down Parking Posts are very popular because when the posts are not being used, they simply lay flat onto the ground, no need to store them away into a different location, they are generally more affordable than other types of Posts.
Depending on what module is chosen they lock in the upright position by either a padlock or built in integral lock.
Ideal for protecting your car parking allocation, when security is not the main focus.
Removable Parking Posts

Removable Security & Parking Posts/Bollards are locked into the upright position using a padlock or integral lock, and then generally fully removed and stored elsewhere when not in use.

The ground spigots are fitted into the ground, at a height which results in the hinged top lid being a slightly proud of the surface, this hinged lid fully covers up the access hole making it safe for use in locations subject to pedestrian or vehicle access.

These Posts are far stronger than most fold down posts and easier to install than fully telelscopic posts, also there is no need to worry about underground services as the spigot bases would be above the height of these (in normal situations).

Also perfect Security & Parking Posts for drives & entrances that have a ridge or slope which makes the ground clearance for low vehicles a potential problem.

Please contact us by email (info@ultrasecuredirect.com) or Telephone (01604589414) for Friendly Advice !!

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