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We are an award winning corporate video production team based in Manchester, UK with 20 years of industry experience. Specialising in commercial and corporate production and post production for start-up companies and Blue Chip brands alike. If you've got ot an idea for your video, great!   Or maybe you've got no idea at all?  Either way, we can help…

Experience with new video techniques and constantly evolving technology, tried and tested video production methods, and a wealth of background knowledge: We can guarantee the best results which exceed your expectations, with corporate video solutions that blow your socks off every time.

Whether we are producing web based content, a commercial, a corporate DVD, or covering a live event, we always look for that extra something to make your corporate video stand out from the rest.  Let's face it...   If you look good, we look good! 

Here at VFS  we live and breathe corporate video, and frequently go the extra mile and more for our clients. We listen you your ideas, focus our creative energies and to develop the right concept & approach, all designed to give you maximum impact & the biggest bang for your buck whatever your budget.

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