Titgemeyer (UK) Ltd

  • A2 Link One
  • George Henry Road
  • Tipton
  • West Midlands
  • United Kingdom
  • DY4 7BU (map)

  • Tel: 0121 557 9777
  • Website: www.titgemeyer.co.uk


  • David Weissgerber, Director
  • Number of Employees: 1 - 20
  • Titgemeyer UK

    Titgemeyer UK Ltd specialise in the supply of fastening technology including fasteners and fastening systems. Titgemeyer provide advice on the most suitable solution for specific applications.

  • Starlock Sicherungsscheiben

    To provide extra grip, our Starlock® fasteners simply push on to the shaft. This product eliminated the cost of threading and grooving operations. Once fixed in position, the Starlock® push-on...

  • TIFAS® Blindniete

    An introduction to TIFAS® Blindniete.

  • TIOS® ER15 Akku-Blindnietwerkzeug

    Our new battery powered rivet tool, the TIOS® ER15 has an eye catching design and an array of innovative features. Suitable for 3.0 to 6.5 mm structural rivets, the powerful lithium-ion battery and...

  • TIOS® EL18

    Designed for high-end industrial use, the TIOS® EL18 battery lockbolt tool combines high-tech with high power, durability and ease of use. Li-Ion battery technology gives maximum operator mobility and...

  • The Solution Company

    An introduction to Titgemeyer UK Ltd

  • TITGEMEYER UK Automotive

    Titgemeyer Group has been an active and innovative supplier to the European automotive industry for many years. Application solutions have been the cornerstone of partnerships with many leading OEM...

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