Series 4 Ltd

  • Units 8, 9 & 10
  • Westwood Court
  • Southampton
  • Hampshire
  • United Kingdom
  • SO40 3WX (map)

  • Tel: 023 8086 6377
  • Fax: 023 8086 6323
  • Website:


  • David McClure, Managing Director
  • Caroline Lander, General Manager
  • Number of Employees: 1 - 20
  • CCB3000 - De Reeler Max Speed Demo .

    The Series 4 CCB3000 running at just over 1 meter per second. For more info please visit: Follow @Series4Ltd on Twitter for regular updates on all of our...

  • Mains Electric Screwdriver .

    The AC Full Auto Direct Plug In Electric Screwdriver Range is easy to operate and employs an extra strong magnet for increased endurance. Please visit the link below for full product information on...

  • D2 Inner & Outer Jacket Wire Stripper .

    This is the Series 4 D2 Wire Stripping Machine. This machine with 1 pull of the handle will strip both the Outer Jackets and the Inner Cores in one operation. For more info please visit:...

  • CS2000 Stripping Battery Cable .

    This video of the Series 4 CS2000 Outer Jacket Stripper shows 70mmsq Battery cable being stripped. For more info please visit: Follow @Series4Ltd on Twitter...

  • Amphenol Stripbox Demo .

    This video demonstrated the Amphenol FE-0400 Stripbox in action. For more info please contact us: Follow @Series4Ltd on Twitter for regular updates on all...

  • PC25 Pneumatic Cut to Length Machine .

    The PC25 Pneumatic Guillotine is built on site by Series 4. The PC25 is a versatile and easy solution for cutting cables, tubing and conduit up to 25mm O.D. For more info please...

  • Series 4 Ltd SP101 Cutting Machine .

    This is the SP101 Electro Pneumatic Cutting Machine sold by Series 4 Ltd. Programme in the length and quantity then press start. For more information please visit:...

  • DPT 50 Digital Pull Tester Demo .

    This video demonstrates the Series 4 in house built Digital Pull Tester. An easy to use and read crimp tester which reads in KG Force, Newton Force or Pounds Force. It also has a peak setting. RS232...

  • FEK-5ND Air Crimping Machine .

    The FEK-5ND Pneumatic Crimping Machine is an economical bench top crimping machine suitable for a wide range of connectors and presents the ideal step up from manual crimping, delivering a speed 10...

  • EC23 Electric Crimper .

    The EC-23 Electric Crimper is a flexible bench top machine capable of crimping a wide range of connectors and offering superb value for money. The design of this unit allows for quick and easy change...

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