Kilner Vacuumation Co Ltd


  • A Kilner, Director
  • Nigel Kilner, Sales Executive
  • Number of Employees: 1 - 20
  • Fork Mounted Vacuum Glass Lifter Rotator

    A vacuum lifting beam for glass panes. The equipment is totally self contained and allows glass panes to be tilted from vertical to horizontal and rotated through 360 degrees. The equipment is...

  • Vacuum Floor Tile Lifter by Kilner Vacuumation

    Vacuum lifting device for removing floor tiles to gain access to sub-floor spaces. The suction pad powered by a battery driven pump grips the tile allowing it to be raised quickly and easily without...

  • 15 Tonne S.W.L Vacuum Lifter for Concrete Revetments (Steps)

    Concrete revetment vacuum lifting beam for refurbishment of the sea front at Redcar UK. The steps weighing up to 15000kgs and having various configurations are lifted by this vacuum beam manufactured...

  • Wooden Board & Panel Vacuum Lifting Beam 90° Tilt

    Vacuum Lifter for lifting and turning wooden boards and panels from horizontal to vertical. Various boards can be handled, such as plywood, MDF, chipboard, melamine and even plasterboard.

  • Fork Mounted Concrete Slab Vacuum Lifters

    Mobile Fork mounted vacuum lifter for lifting and handling concrete slabs and planks. This factory uses 1.5 tonne and 4 tonne units for de-moulding and stacking pre-stressed slabs. Kilner Vacuumation...

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