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S510--Latest model from Tianchen robot

Sell ponit:

1.Pressure sensor
If kids sit on the mower, it will stop going within 1second.

2.Touch sensor
Touch the handle when the mowing is cutting, it will cease function within 0.5seonds.
 Both are safety design.
3.Ultrasonic sensor
will detect barriers in front of it, and turn direction before bump with them.

4.LCD display
working schedule set-up system, can set from Monday to Sunday.

5.Subarea setting function
Usually applied in large lawn, can separate large lawn into atmost three parts, and set memory point, increasing
mow efficiency.

6.Cutting height easy adjustable
user can just rotate the knob under the shell, cutting heght is from 2.5 to 6 cm.


mower size  62*50*28.5cm(L W H) 
coverage(for once charging)  800m2
capacity 2600m2
rated power  85W 
noise  less than 60dB 
blades qty  one piece
cutting height  2.5 to 6cm optional
cutting width  25.4cm (10inch)

Battery: lithium with Sumsung cell

Plug: VDE approval

Charger:CE approval

Cutting motor: brushless motor

Packing: 4P approval

Packing details:

carton:91*56*34.5cm(L W H)
20ft container:144sets 

--why choose us?

1.Self-developed technic
2. customization service
3.Prompt delivery
4.Productions tested one by one
5.independent R&D group to support best services
4.necessary certificates to European market(CE,ROHS,4P) 



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