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25 Nov 2015

Specialist Engineering University unveiled to help close the skills gap.

The New Model Institute of Technology and Engineering (NMITE), based in Hereford, is the first new University in 30 years. It will open its doors in 2017 giving 5,000 engineering undergraduates the opportunity to study a specialist curriculum focusing on work readiness, solving real world problems while supporting a rapid increase in productivity. The new degree, named ‘Liberal Engineering Sciences’ combines the specialist curriculum listed above, with a traditional...

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24 Nov 2015

What are the vital steps required to establish your business in a foreign market?

Entrepreneurs and business owners face hundreds of difficult decisions in their first couple of years starting out on their own two feet. For those lucky enough to receive interest from overseas in this time, setting up an export structure can be both daunting and exciting, therefore, knowing your limits is paramount. Getting your business off the ground in the UK is a huge achievement but forecasting sales and production when venturing overseas is a lottery if the correct...

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OBPA based antimicrobial for flexible PVC. INTERCIDE ABF 2 DINP is only available outside the EU ...

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Supplied by: Omnikote Ltd

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