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EDP Europe Limited

  • Unit 4, Europa Park
  • Croft Way
  • Witham
  • Essex
  • United Kingdom
  • CM8 2FN (map)

  • Tel: 01376 510337
  • Fax: 01376 515616
  • Website: www.edpeurope.com


  • Paul Jacobs, UK Sales Manager
  • Number of Employees: Unavailable


EDP Europe specialises in the supply of critical infrastructure solutions for the data centre environment. Building on more than 20 years experience, EDP Europe focuses on providing a broad portfolio of leading edge systems designed to optimise the overall performance of its customers’ data centres. From design & build to ongoing operational management, EDP Europe can support throughout the lifecycle of a data centre to increase efficiency, resiliency, flexibility and security. 



Business Critical Infrastructure

Business Critical Infrastructure

EDP Europe works with leading manufacturers to deliver infrastructure that is capable of meeting the requirements of the data centre today and for tomorrow.  From the dynamic and unique Bergvik raised access floor that requires up to 70% fewer pedestals and enables up to 25% more equipment on the same footprint as a traditional raised floor. To Huber+Suhner’s LiSA fibre optic management system that includes high density, small footprint ODFs, fibre optic containment and high quality fibre optic & copper cabling.

EDP Europe also offers a wide range of 19” cabinets including: Server and network racks, co-location racks, soundproof enclosures, water cooled solutions, IP rated, wall boxes and chimney racks from leading manufacturers.

Improving Airflow Efficiency

Improving Airflow Efficiency

EDP Europe provides solutions that help optimise data centre airflow and improve cooling efficiency. Data centre cooling is the area where most energy expenditure is spent, so improvements that can be made in cooling efficiency can result in energy savings being made.  Using KoldLok raised floor grommets to seal cable openings is a first stage to help eliminate hot spots, reduce bypass airflow and improve airflow management.

Blanking panels (of which we offer different types) and our RackSeal air barrier prevent hot equipment exhaust air re-circulating to the front of the rack where it can mix with the cold air that cools the equipment.

While the Triad floor grille can improve how cold air is delivered to the equipment, thanks to its specially designed Hi-Plume Stratification fins and strategically designed hole pattern which creates a dispersed pattern of airflow out of the grille. And by using under floor air baffles air can be blocked off to areas where cold air isn’t required, so enabling better airflow direction to areas where it is required.

For even greater improvements in airflow management, EDP Europe supplies aisle containment systems where either the hot aisle or cold aisle is enclosed either with solid panels or via flexible curtains.  Our retro-fitting aisle containment systems have been designed to fit to existing rows of cabinets no matter what their height, width or manufacturer. 

Where greater flexibility is required EDP Europe distributes the quick-fit AisleLok Modular Containment system, an easy to install out-of-the-box aisle containment system that can be fitted in minutes. Specially designed baffles are fixed to the top of the cabinets in either the hot aisle, cold aisle or both using magnets, with saloon-style doors attached to the end of row cabinets to prevent hot air wrapping around the end of aisles.

Power & Monitoring Solutions

Do you know how much power your equipment is consuming? Do you know if the environment is suitable for the equipment? 

EDP PDUs are UK manufactured, using high quality components, and can be custom built to meet any requirements, with no minimum order quantities or long lead times.  Standard PDUs can incorporate a number of different outlets including IEC C13 / C19, UK or Schuko, and can be terminated with UK, International, IEC or 16amp / 32amp commando plugs. PDUs can be single or three phase.

iPower intelligent PDUs enable monitoring, remote switching or both and can also incorporate environmental monitoring.  Alternatively, we can provide a completely independent environmental monitoring solution that monitors temperature, humidity, water presence, dry contacts and more.  

Security & Traceability

Securing and knowing where your IT assets are should be a major consideration for data centre managers.  With greater regulatory control, and legislation regarding announcing security breaches, knowing that you are proactively managing these risks is important.

Rack access control systems from TZ, enable data centre managers to manage who can access individual racks and receive alerts when security has been breached.  The TZ system records every event enabling a full audit trail to be reported on.

As IT assets are moved around a facility, knowing exactly where they are can be an issue.  EnaSys Express is an ‘In-A-Box’ solution for asset tracking, inventories, audit and compliance.  EnaSys utilises passive RFID technology that enables assets to be easily tracked or located, and enables inventory audits to be conducted in a fraction of the time taken using traditional methods.

Other Solutions

EDP Europe provides many other solutions for data centres, computer rooms, media libraries and filing room environments including:

  • KVM switches, KVM extenders & KVM console drawers.
  • High definition surveillance cameras.
  • Network switch cooling solutions.
  • Cable basket trays.
  • Structured cabling protection.
  • Computer crash carts & server lifters.
  • Backup media tape identification labels.
  • Media tape storage solutions and transportation cases.
  • File identification label printing & records management software.

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