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Index Plastics Ltd

  • Unit D The Loddon Centre
  • Wade Road
  • Basingstoke
  • Hampshire
  • United Kingdom
  • RG24 8FL (map)

  • Tel: 01256 843844
  • Website: www.indexplastics.co.uk


  • Karine Schaefer, Managing Director
  • Number of Employees: Unavailable



Index Plastics is the specialist of Point Of Sale and Merchandising accessories used at points of sale.

With extensive stock, speedy deliveries and competitive prices, Index is also able to design and manufacture every type of accessory.

5 mains categories of products:

Hanging  : Clip Strips, Hang Tabs, Ceiling Hooks, magnetic Hooks, Mobile Hangers

Construction : Supergrip, Display Foot, Hinge, Handles, Chains, Suction cups, Rings and Hooks, Poster Profiles, Rivets, Screws

Display : Pushers, Dividers, Banner holders, Aluminium Snap Frame, Peg arms

Labelling : Data Strip, Ticket holders, Wobblers, Grip Fasteners

Presentation: Leaflet Holders, Frames, Security Systems

You can buy online using a credit card or your can e-mail us your enquiry. We have 1,000's of items in stock, with friendly staff to help you find the right merchandising display solution for your product.



Hang-Strips™, also known as clip strips, promote cross selling and impulse purchases. With hundreds of designs available, many from stock, there is a standard or bespoke solution to suit your product and the retailer. Hang-Strips™ are widely accepted by major retailers and store groups with whom Index can work in partnership to develop in-store clip strip policies. Custom solutions are easily created using the latest in house CAD design and prototyping facilities

Semi automatic applicator machine available with our standard Clip Strips



Index is a major European manufacturer producing Hang Tabs for over 22 years

Hang tabs are self adhesive, die cut hooks providing a flexible solution to adding a hanging feature to a product or pack. Typical hang tab uses are products weighing less than 400g. Other hang tabs are produced that can hang bulkier packs weighing up to 1.5kg in weight.

Hang tab packing formats include reel, sheet, loose and pads and are intended to provide as much flexibility as possible. Material, weight, bulk, print finish and hanging position are the key factors that affect the likelihood of a hang tab being suitable for hanging a particular pack. The sales team can talk through any query.

Advantages of Hang Tabs :-From stock,Free samples,Large range,Hook, hole and euroslot solutions,Flexi, clear permanent and foam adhesive options

Loose, reel, sheet and pad formats
Weight loading options up to 1.5kg
FREE Test bed evaluation
Manual dispensing solutions
Fully automatic solutions

Check on our Eshop to view our wide range: www.indexplastics.co.uk/en/e-shop/point-of-sale/hang-tabs




Choose from Suction cups, rings and hooks, display hooks and arms, brochure holders, poster profiles, aluminium snap frames, leaflet holders , flag accessories, pavement signs ....

have a click on our Eshop : www.indexplastics.co.uk/en/e-shop/point-of-sale/display




Proven to be an effective solution to optimise product sales, the Index pusher systems and shelf divider ranges provide options for stores and brands to maximise the shelf impact of their products by ‘front edge shelf presentation’.

Shelf pushers keep products to the front of a shelf ensuring their visibility and likelihood of being chosen ahead of a competitor product, even if only one item remains. The front product is lifted for easy access, and the feed motion ensures controlled dispensing.  Pusher systems ensure your displays are always looking the best  and reduces time spent  on shelf maintenance.

Advantages of Shelf Pushers and Shelf Dividers :-

Compatible with all types of shelving and other shelf management products already in place

Improved placement
Greater presentation
Higher visibility of product
Products are always at the front of the shelf for maximum visibility
Pusher force options to suit the product weight, shape and bulk
Suitable for cosmetics, pharmaceutical, personal care, food, chilled and frozen

View our options in the E-shop :www.indexplastics.co.uk/images/virtuemart/category/612-013.jpg



Poster profiles [also called poster rail] are a popular low cost solution to display posters, art and other graphic material. Simply slide the poster into the poster profile, attach a hanging hook and display


Advantages of Poster Profile :-

Highly visible  poster display solution

Competitively priced options
Fast and simple to change a graphic
Colour options available to order



Data Strip, Ticket grips and label holders provide an essential ticketing accessory for attaching labels to shelving and other display and POS fixtures. Ticket grips accommodate many sizes and thickness of display materials whilst being able to securely fix to most fixtures including wire baskets, glass and metal shelving and corrugated stands. See also the range of construction accessories consisting of a variety of sizes and angled profiles for constructing between 2 and 4 adjacent panels of a POS display stand.




Wobblers are ideal accessories to increase visibility of your promotional message on the front of shelf displays.

Index also produce Aluminium Wobblers that can be twisted and shaped to face the message towards the consumer. Wobblers are a widely used shelf edge display accessory that encourage awareness and visibility of sales and promotional messaging. Wobblers and twisters are often used to promote new products and promotional activities around the store.

Visit our Eshop : www.indexplastics.co.uk/en/e-shop/point-of-sale/display/wobblers

Exhibition Accessories

Exhibition Accessories

A wide range of products handy for exhibitions, including classic banner holders, badge holders, hanging hooks and wires, display stands and turn tables to make your exhibition display more interesting, also security products such as pull boxes, security locks.

Product Displays:

A select range of display cubes, turntables, pedestals and shelving to aid retailers in merchandising and promoting products in store.

(Pictured) - Turn Table:

Mobile phone rotating display, base ø120mm


Leaflet Dispensers

Leaflet Dispensers

Single Tier
Individual leaflet dispensers are available for most standard paper sizes, 1/3 A4 (DL), A5 and A4 in portrait and landscape formats. Index can produce bespoke units to suit other sizes and applications.

For shelf edge dispenser, see the PVC shelf edge dispenser.
Leaflet dispenser, A6 portrait, desk top, 65mm capacity

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