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Lojer Components


Lojer Components is a long established manufacturers' agent for electro-mechanical components to OEMs and industrial applications. This allows us to give customers the lowest component cost, whilst providing full local technical, commercial and logistic support on high volume orders. Additionally, we can stock specific parts at customers' requests.
Our Range includes:   Gearmotors - Fan -  Heating element
Please contact engineering support  Tel: 01635-865882

Eichenauer includes PTC, open wire and sheathed heating elements
Micromotors includes all purpose, quality spur and planetary gears, with inline cylindrical DC gearmotors. Sizes are from 34mm to 42mm  larger available
Molon products include FHP AC & DC gearmotors
Emmevi for Cross-Flow Fans, Axial Fans, Centrifugal Blowers, Oven Fans and Brushless Fans.
Sisme for AC asynchronous PSC induction and brushless motors, from 10 to 1500 Watts, single or three phase
X-Fan manufactures axial AC fans, brushless DC fans, AC and DC blowers


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