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Brake Caliper Painting Service.

The Brake Caliper Specialists are at the cutting edge of VHT Brake Caliper Paint technology, our paints can withstand up to 400°C for metallics, 650°C in yellow caliper paint and 950 in all other solid colour VHT paints. Most performance cars won't get close to the lower 400°C threshold.

The finish we can deliver is also of a high cosmetic standard, high gloss lustre with minimal orange peel. We use a wash etch primer before painting, this can withstand almost 1,000°C alone so can be used in conjunction with our VHT paints.

We are also the first in the world to develop a paint to achieve immitation Chrome Brake Calipers and Heat Reactive Colour Changing Brake Caliper Paint.

Drive your car to us for a next day hand over or courier your calipers to us with our suggested courier for little more than £10.

We give a 12 month warranty as standard.

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