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With a procurement office basied in Hong Kong, the primary function of ECSCS is to provide clients with a direct ' upstream ' supply chain service for virtually any product or service that can be sourced from Chinese and South East Asian Suppliers.

The primary benefit that users of this service enjoy is cost down on the supply of materials sourced from the region.

However, local presence in Hong Kong provides many other key benefits:-

  • We have staff on the ground in Hong Kong and China to micro manage your orders/projects.
  • Understanding of local export and import law.
  • Experience in shipping and logistics from and to Asia.
  • Cost savings by obtaining true Asia pricing.
  • No need for expensive flights, visas, hotels, etc to review your project. We are just a phone call away and can be on site the same day.
  • We understand the European market with our UK staff interfacing fully with customers from the UK and Europe.
  • We can help with low to medium volume work as well as high quantity projects.
  • Multi-lingual staff - Native English speakers as well as Mandarin and Cantonese.
  • We have invested time and money in selecting the best quality suppliers to provide the best 'fit' for the UK & European market so you don't have to.
  • Avoid the lottery of selecting an offshore supplier via the internet.
  • Understanding of local customs and laws.
  • Staff available around the clock, no need to worry about time differences.
  • We can organise supplier visits including visas, hotels, transport, etc
  • Our engineering and test departments in China will help ensure the smooth inception of your production run and ensure quality.
  • We can select the most suitable supplier for your product/project from our quality supply chain.
  • ALL suppliers have signed NDA agreements.
  • We can 'sanitize' your data in the UK/Europe prior to it being sent to our suppliers for quotation, to ensure confidentiality.

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